Noel Fisher Drops Trailer Teaser For Tomorrow Night's Episode Of 'Shameless' On Instagram

Trisha Faulkner

Noel Fisher joined the rest of his Shameless cast in taking to Instagram in the last 24 hours to drop a teaser for tomorrow night's new episode. Fisher shared a short teaser trailer.

The clip kicked off featuring Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) and Tami (Kate Miner) trying to adjust to new life as parents in the RV that Lip purchased for her to have some space and privacy during last week's episode.

Lip and Tami are featured discussing how they haven't been intimate for a while, and Tami should be fully healed from the C-section surgery. Just when they discuss potentially being intimate, Fred shoots urine across the room and effectively kills the mood.

The trailer transitions to Debbie (Emma Kenney) hanging out with her friend who is educating her on getting a new baby daddy. As those who have been watching Season 10 know, Debbie recently went after her ex for child support. Unfortunately, she learned that he had passed away. She did, however, weasel her way into splitting his military death benefits with his widow.

The trailer featured Debbie being introduced to older men with the intent of getting pregnant so she can hit them up for child support later.

Then, the trailer reveals that fans will get to see "Gallavich" in tomorrow's episode, as Ian's (Cameron Monaghan) parole office recruits Mickey (Noel Fisher) to assist in apprehending a parolee.

Next, the trailer spotlights Kevin (Steve Howey), Veronica (Shanola Hampton), and Frank (William H. Macy). The scene reveals that someone has passed away in the Albi. Frank, being Frank, doesn't hesitate to clean out the dead guy's pockets on his way out the door.

The trailer comes to a close with Frank announcing that he had a major score because of a fresh dead guy. Viewers then watch as Frank makes his way to the guy's house to clear it out as much as he can before friends or family learn of his passing.

An all new episode of Shameless Season 10 can be viewed tomorrow night on Showtime. Those with access to the streaming library will be able to watch the new episode just after midnight.