Todd Chrisley Responds To Troubled Fan & Offers Advice On Instagram

Trisha Faulkner

Todd Chrisley recently engaged with a follower in the comments of one of his Instagram posts after they begged for advice.

The Chrisley Knows Best star took to his Instagram a little less than 24 hours ago to share another one of his thought-provoking memes with his followers.

The meme was solid black letters surrounded in quotes on a white background that blended right into the background on Instagram. It discussed looking at rejection in a more positive light.

Todd used the meme to reiterate that everything happens for a reason. He didn't believe rejection was something a person should be sad about. He believed it was something a person should see as the universe trying to push a person in a different direction.

Inside of 24 hours, his thoughtful meme accumulated over 30,000 likes and just shy of 900 comments. It, however, was one comment that soared to the top of the comments on his post that caught the attention of his two million Instagram followers.

"My son is in jail for drug addiction and refuses rehab. It is Christmas and I bought him a new a Rolex because I thought we had this kicked. Please give me some advice," one of his followers penned as they begged for a little guidance from the reality TV star.

Notably, one of the first to respond to the request for advice was none other than Todd himself.

Todd responded: "God bless you, please place your faith in God where all things are possible.. I don't think it's a good idea to buy your son a Rolex for doing something that in the end benefits him the most. The reward for your son is clean living and the salvation of the Lord, clearly the Rolex would end up sold or in a pawn shop to subsidize his continued drug use. I will say a prayer for you both.. Merry Christmas."

Todd's advice was liked just shy of 60 times by his followers. The original poster was quick to respond to Todd's advice. She explained why she bought the Rolex for her son. She added that she wasn't sure whether to bail him out or leave him in jail.

"I love him and he is my only child and as you say, 'God didn't put me on this earth to bury my child.' He reminds me so much of Kyle because he is also bipolar." She added.

She concluded her response by revealing one of the highlights of her weeks was getting to enjoy an episode of Chrisley Knows Best when she needed something to cheer her up.

Unfortunately, it does not appear as if Todd has responded to the comment to offer any additional advice. Or, if he did, he opted to do it privately as opposed to continuing to have the conversation on his Instagram wall.

Several of Todd's followers were quick to share relatable stories and offer their own advice on how things might get better for the original poster and her son.

One individual explained they were a recovering alcoholic before offering advice. The individual noted that the original poster's son would need to desire to be sober before any steps could be taken to make it happen.

Many individuals offered to pray for the original poster and her son. Some even revealed they had sent her a direct message to discuss the matter privately.

The original poster even had a few of Todd's followers suggest taking a step back. They believed a parent can't always fix the problems of their adult children despite the overwhelming urge to do so.