Ariel Winter Exposes Her Cleavage In A Low-Cut Sweater During ‘The Perfect Friday Night’

Ariel Winter from Modern Family is pictured.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Ariel Winter looked hotter than ever as she flashed her cleavage for the camera in her latest set of Instagram photos, which were posted to her account on Saturday afternoon.

In the racy snapshots, Ariel sported a very low-cut yellow sweater, which showcased the Modern Family star’s ample cleavage, while she spent the night out at celebrity hot spot Delilah.

In the photos, Ariel is seen wearing the form-fitting top as she sat at a table in dim lighting, which was brightened by a candle. The actress wore her long, dark hair parted in the center and styled in sleek, straight strands that fell down her back and over her shoulders.

The TV personality also wore a full face of makeup for the night on the town, an application which included defined eyebrows, thick lashes, and black eyeliner. She added to it with a shimmering glow on her face, pink blush to bring out her cheekbones, and a light pink tint on her full lips.

In the caption of the photo, Ariel revealed that her trip to the establishment on Friday night was the “perfect” vibe.

Of course, the actress’ over 4 million followers made short work of showing their appreciation for the post, clicking the like button over 76,000 times and leaving more than 250 comments in less than an hour after it was uploaded to the platform.

“Hey you’re the most beautiful girl in the world,” one of Ariel’s Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the post.

“My God you’re beautiful! Are you at a restaurant? Where can you possibly go to eat in peace and not be bothered?” another admirer wondered.

“Ariel you look beautiful did it hurt when you fell from Heaven because you’re a true angel. You have no idea how much you mean to me as a person I appreciate everything you do for your fans just wow,” a third social media user gushed over the actress.

“I wish a woman would give me that kind of look. That’s how I look at pizza,” a fourth comment read.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ariel’s fans have gotten used to her serving up sultry looks. Earlier this month, the actress dazzled her followers when she posed in a cupped black dress and wore a full face of glam makeup.

That photo was a big hit among Ariel Winter’s followers, and has earned over 144,000 likes and more than 750 comments to date.