Jill Duggar Is 'Enjoying' Her New, Shorter Hair

Trisha Faulkner

Jill Duggar Dillard took to Instagram just a few minutes ago to announce that she was "enjoying" her new hair.

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Jill sent her 1.6 million Instagram followers into a bit of a frenzy by revealing she'd decided to cut off a significant chunk of her hair.

In her many updates across various social media platforms, Jill explained that her hair would still be long. She was just getting a shorter cut than normal. Previously, her hair extended all the way to her derriere. She revealed this caused problems for her, as she'd sit on it anytime she sat down. Post-cut, her hair now extends just below her shoulders.

While those who follow her Dillard Family blog already got a look at her new cut, she took to Instagram just a few minutes ago to share a few snaps flaunting her shorter hair with her followers.

The photos featured a glowing Jill Duggar rocking an olive green long-sleeved shirt with a floral pattern on it, as she headed to the salon. Jill had a huge smile on her face, and her blue eyes sparkled for the camera. She had both of her hands in her hair in the first snapshot while she stood in front of a solid white brick background.

In the second photo, Jill rocked more of a sweet and bashful look. The photo was snapped at a slight angle, with Duggar looking down at the ground and wearing a closed-mouth smile. Her hair was parted slightly to one side as it swooped over her face and rolled down her small frame.

The third image in the collection was a "before" photo, with Jill rocking the black salon gown and a huge smile. In the pic, her locks flowed down her body, stopping near her navel.

The fourth photo in the collection featured Jill standing with her back to the camera as she showed just how long her locks previously were.

For the six image, Jill took a bathroom mirror selfie to show what her short hair looked like with curls from behind.

For fun, Jill's seventh photo featured herself rocking her short hair with curls while holding the ponytail of her chopped-off hair. She added to the fun by making a goofy face as she snapped the pic.

In the last photo, Jill looked a bit nervous as the stylist began to work on her hair.

In roughly half an hour, Counting On fans flooded the Instagram post with 20,000 likes and nearly 700 comments.

"That cut and style looks absolutely fabulous on you," one follower gushed.

Another chimed in, "You look beautiful!! Love that length on you!"

Overall, her followers seemed to have nothing but pleasant things to say about her hair.