Chanel West Coast Puts On Thong Teddy For Christmas Card Photoshoot

Chanel West Coast wears a pink dress.
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Chanel West Coast shared a new Instagram update with her fans today. The post was a video clip of her behind-the-scenes look at her Christmas card photo shoot, where she rocked a thong teddy.

The rapper didn’t hold back in the video, as she shook her booty and looked like she was having a great time. Her lingerie was bright red — which matched her Santa hat — while garter belt clips hung down her bare behind.

The clip began showing her standing up and busting some dance moves. She then turned her back to the camera as the focus switched to her derriere.

The Ridiculousness star struck a couple more poses while looking over her shoulder at the camera. From there, she pranced forward and climbed onto a seat. She kept shaking her thing on her knees and threw her hands into the air.

The shoot took place in a dimly lit room. The seating she perched on was decorated with a fuzzy pillow and a blanket. Behind that were several deer figurines, which were placed next to a small candle.

Throughout the video, Chanel was illuminated by bright flashes from the cameras. She wore bright red lipstick and had her hair down, and to match that, she wore long red socks with no shoes.

Fans had plenty of opinions about the sexy new clip and left their compliments in the comments section.

“Ohhhhhh it’s like that! Christmas is lit,” raved a follower.

“Love this this is how you should dance on your haters,” suggested an admirer.

“Girl I was not a fan, at all….but when I saw this—-I became one,” declared a fan.

“Please I want a Christmas card from you. Be a dream come true,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

They weren’t the only ones asking for a card, as one person even left an address. Fans can hope for the results from the shoot, although it seems unlikely that random followers will get her card in the mail.

Previously, Chanel shared another photo where she showed off her booty. This time, she was posing on the side of a boat, holding on to the railings as she rocked a blue outfit. The top was off-the-shoulder with large ruffles, with the theme extending to her bottoms. The shorts left half of her derriere on display. The rapper popped her foot and gave a pout with her lips slightly parted. She completed her look with sunglasses and large, anchor earrings.