Meghan McCain Slams Ivanka And Melania Trump As 'Complicit' In Donald's Mean-Spirited Attacks On Widows

Nathan Francis

Meghan McCain has famously tangled with Donald Trump after his mean-spirited attacks on her father, but she is now taking aim at other members of the Trump family after the president's latest crude attack on a famous widow.

This week, Trump told attendees at a campaign rally in Michigan that late Congressman John Dingell is "looking up" from hell after his passing in February. Trump was venting anger at Dingell's widow, Debbie Dingell, who took over his congressional seat and voted in favor of Trump's impeachment this week.

In a mocking remembrance of Debbie thanking Trump for lowering flags -- which is required in the U.S. code with the passing of a member of Congress -- the president insinuated that John Dingell was in hell.

McCain came out swinging not just at Donald, but also at daughter Ivanka Trump and wife Melania Trump for what she called their "complicit" behavior. As People noted, the co-host of The View slammed the other members of the Trump family for pretending to take a stand against bullying and mean-spirited politics while remaining silent on Trump's attack on Dingell, just as they did when Trump attacked her father after his passing.

"The Be Best anti-bullying crap, I don't want to hear any more from anybody," McCain said.

"I don't want to hear it from Ivanka, I don't want to hear it from Melania, until you get him in line when it comes to disparaging people. When you're disparaging widows and people who have served the country and war heroes who are passed — again, I know something about it — until you get [him] in line, you are complicit in this as well."

This week, members of the White House defended the attack, with White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham justifying the attack by saying Trump is a "counterpuncher" who was upset about his impeachment.