Sexy DJ Nata Lee Flaunts Tight Abs And Cleavage In A Sexy White Halter Top, Writes About Quitting Smoking

Nata Lee takes a selfie
Nata Lee / Instagram

Blonde bombshell Nata Lee posed for a new photo in Phuket, Thailand, for a Friday afternoon Instagram update. The sexy DJ is shown holding a cigarette and a Pizza Hut pizza box while walking around in a midriff-baring halter top and tight blue jeans.

The model took her latest update as an opportunity to talk about her past smoking habit.

“On average, I smoked a pack a day, true story. I started when I was 8, and I was happy with it. Six months ago, I seriously decided that I wanted to quit,” wrote Lee in her caption.

The lengthy paragraph went on to explain how Lee eventually managed to quit. She claims she switched to electronic cigarettes for a while but has officially been smoke-free for one month.

The model also states that if her fans see her holding a cigarette when she’s posing for photos or videos, it is “only for the image or for conveying the atmosphere.”

Lee may not be a smoker anymore but her body is still smoking-hot all on its own. Her outfit in her latest Instagram post is a testament to that. Her jeans perfectly hug her curvy waist, while her skimpy bikini top is showing off a considerable amount of cleavage. The stunner looks extra-tan, likely thanks to the Thailand sun. Plus, her taut abdomen is exceptionally toned in her latest photograph.

The gorgeous blonde tagged MAVRIN Studios in her picture and credited them for taking the snap.

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Smoking ???? On average, I smoked a pack a day, true story. I started when I was 8, and I was happy with it. Six months ago, I seriously decided that I wanted to quit. I understood that it would not be possible to quit in an instant and that it has to be done step by step???? For some time, I combined e-cigarettes with ordinary ones, after which I switched entirely to electronic cigarettes, and after a while, I stopped smoking them. I have not smoked for more than a month now, which is what I want for you guys too. But do realize one fact about me now, if you see me with a cigarette in the video or in the photo, this is only for the image or for conveying the atmosphere, for example, the atmosphere of the '90s???? @mavrinstudios ???? Курение ???? Я курила, в среднем, по пачке в день, это правда. Начала ещё в 8 лет и меня впринципе все устраивало. Полгода назад серьезно решила, что хочу бросить. Я хорошо понимала, что резко завязать не получится и что нужно это делать пошагово ???? Какое-то время я совмещала эл сигареты с обыкновенными, после перешла полностью на электронные и через некоторое время перестала курить и их. Я не курю уже больше месяца, чего и вам желаю, но знайте, если вы увидите меня с сигаретой в видео или на фото, это только для образа или для передачи атмосферы, например 90х ????

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Not only did fans flock to Lee’s new snapshot to compliment the busty beauty on her incredible good looks, but many of them also praised her for being able to quit smoking.

“Good Job for quitting Smoking, I quit Smoking 2 years ago, and it’s still sometimes a struggle not to smoke. Good luck to you.” commented one fan.

“I’m okay with the cigarette in the photo (happy for you for having quit btw) but I’m quite concerned that there might be pineapple on the pizza,” joked a second person.

Two days ago, The Inquisitr reported on another sexy snapshot from the drop-dead gorgeous DJ. In her photo from earlier this week, the model showed off even more skin than the scandalous photograph from earlier today.

She wore a revealing dress that flaunted her curvaceous booty and her enviable breasts. The model wore nothing beneath her dress, and had the fabric shifted at all, her picture would have been labeled explicit.