Nude Pictures Of Steph Curry Allegedly Hit Social Media, Prompt Denials From His Team

Steph Curry in an NBA game.
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Nude pictures of a person identified as NBA star Steph Curry hit the internet on Friday.

Sources close to the NBA MVP and the Golden State Warriors say it isn’t so.

The New York Post noted that the racy images were shared on Twitter sometime on Friday and immediately gained viral interest. The series of photos did not show identifying features of the man in question, though many believed that the blurred-out face did seem to resemble Curry. The images did not show any features that could confirm it to be Curry, including his wrist tattoos.

The denials came quickly after that. A source close to the Warriors told the San Francisco Chronicle that the nude images were of someone other than Steph Curry.

“Of course it’s not him,” the source said.

Others dispelled rumors that nude images had also leaked of Steph’s wife, Ayesha Curry, as some of the original rumors had claimed. The New York Post noted that the Warriors had no plans to comment on the rumored nude images, and that Curry’s agent categorically denied that the pictures were of him.

On the chance that the images were real, USA Today’s For The Win noted that the person responsible for spreading them to the internet could face serious trouble.

“Unless Curry himself uploaded these photos, or gave his expressed permission to upload the photos (both extremely doubtful), this would almost certainly violate revenge porn laws,” noted the report, which came before the denials that the images were of Curry. “There is also now doubt that the photos are of Curry, though they certainly appear to be of him.”

Those who have leaked celebrity nude images or video have faced major consequences in the past. A 36-year-old Pennsylvania man was found guilty of stealing and sharing nude photos of a number of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in a major 2014 leak, and was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

Curry, who normally would be available for comment on such matters, is not available this week to speak about the images. He has been sidelined for most of this season after suffering a broken hand. Curry has said he has plans to return this season, but with the Warriors lingering at the bottom of the Western Conference, the team to keep him out for the season. This would him to fully heal away from the court — though not away from controversy.