Robert De Niro Thinks Donald Trump Should Be Hit In The Face With A ‘Bag Of S**t’

Robert De Niro attends 'The Irishman' premiere
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Actor Robert De Niro would like to see America’s president get hit in the face with a “bag of s**t,” he revealed in a recent podcast interview on Rumble with Michael Moore. TMZ reported on the actor’s desire to see Donald Trump publicly humiliated in the worst way possible.

De Niro’s full quote was written out by Spin magazine in a recent article.

“I’d like to see a bag of s**t right in his face — hit him right in the face like that and let the picture go all over the world. And that would be the most humiliating thing because he needs to be humiliated.”

The above quote isn’t all that De Niro had to say about Trump in the podcast interview.

The acclaimed actor also stated that he would no longer compare the president to a pig since “pigs have dignity. He has no dignity, no nothing. He’s a disgrace to the human race, if you will.”

Continuing on that train of thought, De Niro professed how badly he wants to get America out of its current situation and discusses the importance of the upcoming election. When he wasn’t laying into Trump, De Niro was talking about the 2020 election. The Irishman actor firmly believes that whoever becomes the Democratic candidate needs to find a way to thoroughly humiliate Trump to get a leg up in the competition.

This is hardly the first time the actor has talked publicly about his distaste for Trump. He has been extremely vocal about how much he despises the president on multiple platforms over the last few years.

Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr reported that De Niro told the women of The View that he believes Trump is a worse person than any of the characters he has played in his long and varied career. De Niro has portrayed his fair share of villainous and hedonistic roles, to put his remarks into perspective.

Robert De Niro attends a premiere of The Irishman
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Plenty of De Niro’s fans and Trump detractors on social media agreed with the actor’s sentiments.

“I don’t even have to click on this. It just made my day,” commented one Twitter user.

“Thats the Christmas spirit!” joked a second person.

“Hahahahaha omg Robert de Niro is awesome!!!” said a third person.

However, there were others on social media who felt neutral to both parties and took De Niro’s recent statements as a chance to insult his filmography.

“How about Trump’s forced to watch ‘The Irishman?’ It’s kinda the same thing,” wrote a fourth user.