Sofia Jamora Shows Underboob In Crop Top On Instagram

Sofia Jamora wears a black top.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Sofia Jamora shared a sizzling new Instagram update with her fans today. In it, she showed off some serious underboob as she rocked a black crop top.

The top had short sleeves and was arguably a little too small. It featured a white logo on the front left side. The model paired it with matching sweats.

For the snap, she posed with her body angled toward the camera, as she tugged down her pants with her right hand. Meanwhile, she placed her other hand on the side of her hip and fanned out her fingers. Her neon-yellow manicure was on full display, popping against her outfit. And, it wasn’t just her chest that likely caught her fans’ attention, as she showed off her toned abs too.

Sofia wore her hair pulled back behind her shoulders for the most part, although a piece fell down the side of her chest. Her bangs framed her face. She sported bright pink eyeshadow, along with glossy lipstick. Her dark lip liner made her mouth pop, while a dusting of blush completed her look. In addition, the flash from the camera lit up her pupils, as she seductively parted her lips for the shot.

The room that she was in was well-lit, thanks to the light streaming in from the windows on the right side of the frame. Behind the stunner was a white couch. Further along the back wall was a mounted TV. There was also a natural wood console with a tray of makeup on top of it. A green plant was placed next to the console, which was in a light turquoise planter.

Fans seemed to love the new photo. They left their compliments in the comments section.

“Oh look at you beautiful abs and beautiful allover,” gushed an admirer.

“Why can’t I look like this,” wrote a follower.

“I just ate pasta now I hate myself 10 times more,” joked a fan.

“SOFIA you always go too hard,” declared a fourth Instagram user.

Five days ago, the bombshell showed off her chest in another crop top. That time, the focus was on her cleavage. The top she rocked was light blue with floral accents. It was sheer, long-sleeved. She kept the attention on her curves by forgoing jewelry. Sofia wore her wavy hair down, and tugged at a strand with her right hand. She smiled with her lips closed in a dimly lit club.