Alexis Ren Goes Braless In Tiny Crop Top, Notes One Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect To Attract Good Things

Alexis Ren attends the Amazon Prime Video's Golden Globe Awards After Party
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Instagram bombshell Alexis Ren is baring both her latest thoughts and her enticing curves in a new set of photos uploaded to her social media page. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant teased her millions of followers with snaps showing her in a tiny crop top and low-slung jeans as she contemplated some of life’s challenges.

Today’s upload from Ren immediately generated a lot of engagement from her 13.6 million followers. The quartet of snaps had a somewhat grainy effect applied, one that seemed to add a note of complexity to an otherwise fairly simple look.

The first photo showed Ren from the side, her long, dark hair styled into two loose braids. She toyed with one braid as the other hung down her back, a few wisps hanging loosely and framing her face.

Ren wore a loose pair of Levi’s denim jeans that hung low on her hips. To accompany her jeans, she wore a small white crop top that showed most of her back. It had some crisscrossed spaghetti straps that held everything together.

The set of photos showed Ren posing from various angles, giving her the opportunity to flaunt her flat tummy, slim figure, and big smile. The Instagram model went low-key on the makeup, appearing fairly fresh-faced. It looked as if she skipped all of the bling and additional accessories, too.

In her caption, Ren wrote about how she has been telling herself that she doesn’t have to be perfect to attract good things. It sounds as if that is advice she thought might resonate with those who follow her, as well.

The simple but sultry look was an immediate hit with Ren’s millions of followers. Within an hour of having been shared, more than 250,000 fans had liked the post.

Nearly 700 comments quickly built up as well. It looks like many of Ren’s fans stepped up to praise both the sentiments she shared and the enticing look.

“You are the closest thing to perfection to me!” noted one fan.

“U r as perfect as they come,” added another follower.

“Hey you’re the most beautiful girl in the world,” praised someone else.

“Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous beautiful eyes and smile,” wrote yet another impressed fan.

Ren has been sharing a lot of reflective posts on Instagram lately, mixing sultry looks with insightful thoughts. By the looks of this latest post, her fans are loving this current vibe, and are always ready to see more.