Brittany Murphy’s Step-Brother Says She Was Murdered In Shock Claim

'Sometimes an actress is worth more dead than alive,' he said.

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'Sometimes an actress is worth more dead than alive,' he said.

Tony Bertolotti, the step-brother of late Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy said on Thursday that he believed that his sister’s death was no accident. Bertolotti spoke to The Daily Mail about how both he and his father have long suspected foul play in the death of the Clueless actress.

Murphy died 10 years ago to the day, on December 20, 2009. She reportedly collapsed in the bathroom, dying after being transported to a hospital. The coroner deemed the cause of death to be a mixture of pneumonia, anemia and drug intoxication. She was 32-years-old.

Adding more to the conspiracy is that Murphy’s husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, died under almost the exact same circumstances five months later. Moreover, Murphy’s mother, Sharon, was present for both of the deaths.

Bertolotti pointed to Monjack and Sharon as two people who might have been involved with Brittany’s death. Monjack was known to be a shady character — he suffered from severe financial problems, had spent a year in jail, and had been nicknamed “Conjack” within the industry.

Moreover, he and Sharon shared a bed together, despite his being married to her daughter.

“I don’t know what business decisions they were making at that time, but it [the deaths] sound business-related to me. I’ve heard all sorts of crap, so what is true?” he said.

“Sometimes an actress is worth more dead than alive.”

“You’ve got to look at who’s collecting the money now? I don’t know. Every time the movie comes on, someone is getting paid. Whoever’s got the money knows the truth,” he added.

Bertolotti said that he believes that it is possible that Brittany was killed either to pay off debts or due to a business deal gone wrong.

Sharon disappeared shortly after Monjack’s death — and has not been seen since — only adding fuel to the allegations.

brittany murphy with simon monjack
Simon Monjack and actress Brittany Murphy Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

In addition, Bertolotti dismissed claims that his step-sister’s death was caused by drugs, saying that though he did not doubt there was “experimentation,” he did not see any signs of substance abuse.

Bertolotti finished his claim by emphasizing his frustration that no one close to the couple was talking about their deaths.

“There was a group of at least 15 to 30 people around Brittany, and you tell me that no one knows nothing?” he said, adding that when his father — who was also Brittany’s father — approached them for answers, he got “nothing.”

“He went up to a bunch of these people, but no one would talk to him. We couldn’t find out anything. What’s it all tell you? The thing is locked down,” he concluded.

Despite the allegations, there is little concrete piece of evidence to suggest that Murphy was murdered, reported The Daily Mirror.

Earlier this year, Murphy’s cast mates from Clueless remembered their co-star, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.