Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Keeping Holiday Traditions Alive After Beth Chapman's Death

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman says that he is doing his best to keep the Christmas traditions he enjoyed with his late wife, Beth, for his first Christmas without her.

As ET Online reports, Chapman says that Beth fully embraced Christmas and everything that came with it.

"Beth was old style, old-fashioned. So, you know, that means the tree and the presents. All the stockings hung up… so I'm trying to keep that exact tradition," he said.

Beth particularly enjoyed the music that accompanies the season. Dog said that she would have Christmas music on all the time, especially when the tree was being decorated and before they went to bed each night during the holiday season. She knew every single one of them, and she and her kids would all sing them. Chapman says that not being able to sing with their mother has been particularly hard on "the girls."

Duane has been trying his hardest to recreate Beth's Christmas traditions, in order to keep her memory alive. He is decorating his Colorado home and will probably leave cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

For Duane, decorating the Christmas tree has been the hardest.

"Every little ball that's on the tree, every ornament, you know, there's 20 years plus of ornaments on that tree, so as I hung [them], I remembered where and when we bought each one," he said.

As for spending the holiday with his family, that may be somewhat difficult for Duane. Even before Beth's death, the family split its time between homes, and businesses, in Colorado and Hawaii. Duane notes that this year, about half the family will be with him in Colorado, and the other half will be in Hawaii. His son Leland will be in his own home in Alabama.

"So this year, everybody's all spread out."
Meanwhile, Duane is looking past Christmas and into the new year.

For starters, he's doing his dead-level best to take control of his physical health. He says he's almost quit smoking.

"That patch is a miracle."
He's working out every day as well.

And as for the new year, he says it can only get better, considering that in 2019 his wife died, so it probably can't get worse.

"I know that 2020 has got to be better cause nothing can be that bad," he said.

Also in the new year, he'll be playing himself in an upcoming faith-based movie, Hunting God.