February 12, 2020
Alexa Dellanos Goes Topless In Skintight Jeans, Shows Off Her Curvy Booty On Instagram

Instagram star Alexa Dellanos put on a very provocative display in her latest photo share. The American model took to the popular social media platform on Thursday afternoon to announce the launch of her official 2020 calendar and sent fans into a frenzy with her enviable curves.

The sizzling blonde broke the news with a steamy shot that showed plenty of skin and a whole lot of curves. Alexa poured her bodacious booty into a pair of skinny jeans and completely took her top off for the camera, showing fans some of her best assets in a scorching photoshoot that brought followers to the comments section by the masses.

Photographed on a comfy off-white padded sofa, Alexa had her back turned to the camera in an alluring pose that highlighted her famously curvaceous posterior. The blond bombshell sat on the edge of the couch, with her legs propped up on the soft cushion. Her posture put her round backside front and center, treating fans to an eyeful of voluptuous curves. Leaning on one hand, Alexa coquettishly looked over her shoulder with a smoldering gaze and seductively parted lips. She most likely sent quite a few pulses racing with her mouth-watering figure and femme-fatale attitude.

Aside from flaunting her curvy derrière, the 23-year-old hottie exposed her bare back and proudly showed off her tiny waistline. Her jeans were a high-waist design that emphasized her trim midriff, highlighting the difference in size between her taut midsection and generous rear-end. The item was paired with a matching denim jacket that lay on the backrest of the sofa, seemingly discarded by Alexa. Off-white curtains completed the simple yet modern-looking décor. The simple background allowed the model to be the focus of the sexy shot.

Although her ample chest was not visible in the shot, the half-naked model showed quite a bit of side boob in the enticing pose. In a bid to keep the photo from becoming too NSFW, Alexa raised her other hand to her lips, strategically placing her arm to censor her buxom curves.

The gorgeous model oozed elegance and sex appeal as she looked directly into the camera with an intense gaze. Her golden tresses were perfectly coiffed in well-defined waves, cascading down her back and adding a touch of sophistication to her sexy-casual look. Her makeup was also deserving of attention, as the Cuban-American beauty accentuated her pretty features with an earth-toned eyeshadow that beautifully flattered her glowing complexion. Her glam also included expertly curled eyelashes and a chic pink lipstick that called attention to her pouty mouth.

The sultry photo was a major hit with Alexa's Instagram followers, garnering more than 137,000 likes overnight. In addition, 1,700 people took the time to leave the model a message, with the majority of fans raving about her hotness.

"Smokin [sic] shot," wrote one person, adding a fire emoji.

"Such beauty. Wow. Incredible. Love this photo of you. Elegance!!" gushed another.

"The best xmas present haha," a third Instagram user remarked about Alexa's calendar.

"I'm buying this right away!" commented the model's boyfriend, graffiti artist Alec Monopoly. 29 people hit the "Like" button on his post.