Sofia Jamora Strikes A Sexy Pose With A Stool On Instagram

Sofia Jamora wears a tiger-print outfit.
Greg Doherty / Getty Images

Sofia Jamora shared a new Instagram video with her fans a day ago. The short clip showed her striking a sexy pose on a stool, as she wore an all-white outfit.

The model was seen front of a white wall. Her outfit matched the backdrop, as she sported a bra and sneakers with long ankle socks. She placed her hands on the edge of the metal stool, as she propped up her left knee on top. She wore her hair down in soft waves.

The clip began with Sofia moving her head, so that her hair flipped over her right shoulder. Her locks were so long that they reached the stool. She was then seen glancing up at the camera, as she moved her left shoulder closer to her face. Her pose left her curves on full display, as she arched her back and leaned forward.

The bottoms appeared to be thong-cut, with the sides of her booty bare in the shot. The model exuded flirty vibes throughout, with the clip ending with her giving a pouty look for the camera.

The stunner looked especially tan, even in the middle of December. She didn’t appear to be wearing any accessories.

The shot seemed to be taken on the set of a professional photo shoot. And while the background was mostly bare, the top of the frame revealed a white neon sign.

“Are you am I,” it read.

Fans can hope for more updates from the shoot in the coming days.

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Fans had plenty of nice things to say in the comments section.

“Kind of confidence I need in my life,” declared a follower.

“Honestly if I looked like this I’d ruin men’s lives instead of them ruining mine,” wrote an admirer.

“I tried recreating a photo like that but i slipped and almost broke my chin,” noted a fan.

“How are you so tan?? Asking for a friend,” wondered a fourth Instagram user.

The bombshell previously showed off her figure in another swimsuit. She was seen rocking a black bikini, as she posed in a shallow pool. The ensemble featured grommet accents on the straps. Sofia wore her hair down in a middle part and brushed over her shoulder. Her locks extended down to her hips. She stood with her left foot propped out, as she smiled with her lips closed.

Behind her was an elaborate wall with gold, rectangular designs throughout.