EA Origin Has Hundreds Of Games On Sale This Week

EA Origin having Player Appreciation Sale

EA Origin has put hundreds of different games on sale for one week only. The games span multiple different categories and platforms, and most of the game have been discounted by around 70 percent.

March appears to be a a bit month for huge game sales. Valve recently had quite a few different games get a ton of different discounts. The Left 4 Dead series was marked down and packaged together last week. The Tropico series also saw a big sale.

EA Origin certainly has a pretty good reason to put their games on sale. After the SimCityfiasco, the company took quite a bit of heat, and they are clearly still in damage control. The company offered up a choice of one of eight free games to anyone who already owns SimCity, and it appears that this sale might be a follow up to that offering.

While none of the games are brand new, there are plenty that are popular and pretty recent. Most of the games that have been discounted are being offered up on PC, Mac (when available), Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

Games that were released just a few months ago like Madden 13 and NCAA Football 13 as well as NHL 13 and FIFA 13 are titles in the sports category that have been heavily discounted.

Madden and NCAA Football for the consoles are both $30 off the regular list price. NHL 13: The Stanley Cup Edition is $40 off the regular price.

If sports games aren’t your thing, you can grab Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 for $30 off the regular price. The PC Download for Battlefield 3 is $27 off, and the PC physical version is $24.50 off the regular price.

Older games on the site aren’t discounted as heavily as newer ones, but, since their price wasn’t that high to begin with, you aren’t going to have to pay much if you want a copy of Dead Space or Dead Island.

The EA Origin “Player Appreciation Sale” is only good for this week. Check it out fully, and take advantage of it quickly.