'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland Posts An Adorable Photo To Celebrate Jake Gyllenhaal's Birthday: 'Husband Goals'

Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland posted an adorable throwback photo to celebrate his pal and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal's birthday.

"He's the Mysterio to my Spider-man. Happy birthday mate," wrote Holland in his caption.

He also hashtagged the photo "husband goals."

Gyllenhaal, who turned 39-years-old today, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year when he portrayed the popular character Mysterio -- one of Spider-Man's biggest antagonists -- in Far From Home. The film was released this past summer following Avengers: Endgame.

Both Gyllenhaal and Holland are openly fond of each other. The two often joked that they were married while they did press for the movie.

The charming photo shows the two actors sitting together on a couch. Holland is seen resting against the other actor's shoulder and appears riveted by whatever it is Gyllenhaal is saying. The Mysterio performer is also snacking on something out of a traditional popcorn box. The two look very relaxed and at ease around each other.

Holland only posted the photograph of the two a few moments ago and yet it has already amassed more than 788,000 likes and well over 7,400 comments.

Gyllenhaal has already liked the picture and he reposted it on his own Instagram page adding, "thanks homie," to the caption. His post has more than 100,000 likes too -- meaning the image has over 800,000 likes in total despite being uploaded less than an hour ago.

Holland's 32.5 million followers are going crazy over the cute snapshot and the equally cute caption. It's likely that many of Gyllenhaal's 5.1 million followers also saw the picture and joined the comments section to offer the two compliments and wish the actor a happy birthday. Holland isn't the only person to wish Gyllenhaal a special day. Many of the actor's fans took to social media to send him some love.

"When's the wedding??" joked one follower.

"[B]est couple of the year," wrote another Instagram user, also adding several starry-eyed emoji to their comment.

"I CANT STAND YOU TWO," said a third fan.

"The stans are gonna have a field day with this one," quipped a fourth user.

There is a chance we could see Gyllenhaal and Holland share the screen within the Marvel Universe once again. The Inquisitr previously reported that Spider-Man is officially back in the MCU after a tense series of negotiations between Sony and Disney.

Collider also reported that Holland played a pivotal role in reinstating the web-slinging hero.