Kendra Wilkinson Shares Sultry Selfie: ‘Done Up And Ready’

Kendra Wilkinson attends the premiere of "Sharknado 5: Global Swarming."
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Kendra Wilkinson recently shared several seductive selfies on her Instagram story, and the former Girls Next Door star looked stunning.

In the first image, the model posed with her chin up as she looked at the camera. She appeared to be at a photo shoot and wore a black, long-sleeve top. She used the Sparkles filter on Instagram, which created white crystals that floated around her head like a halo. Her cheeks also appeared a bright, almost cartoonish pink.

Kendra wore her hair blond with a hint of light brown, and it cascaded down her shoulders in gorgeously styled beachy waves, the medium length resting just above her bust. Her curled lashes were coated with black mascara, her lids brushed with a gold shimmer. Her brows were shaped, and she wore just a hint of blush on her cheeks. Her lips were painted with a mocha-colored gloss.

“Done up and ready,” she captioned the photo.

The second selfie was similar, only this time, Kendra stared straight at the camera, which accentuated her dark blue eyes. Her tousled, voluminous locks also seemed to take center stage in this image, and her 2.8 Instagram followers got a better look at her dark lashes. She wore a slight smile in the photo.

In the third picture, Kendra flaunted her glossed lips even more, giving a kissy face to the camera. This time, fans could see that she actually wore her hair half-up and half-down, with a tiny ponytail at the crown of her head as her wavy locks tumbled down over her shoulders. The ponytail gave her tresses extra volume.

“Touch up,” she wrote about the photo, tagging her glam team.

Kendra also shared a video on her Instagram story, tousling her hair as she sat in the backseat of a moving car. In the clip, she glanced at the camera seductively, then looked away. She puckered her pout and shot the camera a kissy-face look. Led Zepplin’s “Going to California” played in the background. Kendra wore a white shirt with a camel-colored jacket over the top, her blue eyes glittering in the sunlight that pierced through the window.

The pictures and video are relatively tame images for the former Playboy model, though the mom-of-two has been posting a lot of wholesome photos on her Instagram as of late. Most recently, she shared an Instagram story video of daughter Alijah, 5, at her holiday recital, as well as an Instagram slideshow in honor of son Lil Hank’s 10th birthday.