Venezuelan Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Flaunts Insanely Sculpted Figure In New Instagram Snap

Michelle Lewin attends an event
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Fitness expert Michelle Lewin knows how to motivate her millions of social media followers, and her new post hammers that point home. The Venezuelan bombshell just shared a photo that gave her an opportunity to showcase her amazingly fit figure, and she added a lengthy caption to provide some valuable insight into how her fans can get through the holidays without throwing away their hard fitness work from the rest of the year.

Michelle shared the new post on Thursday afternoon, and it immediately created a stir. The photo shows the 33-year-old fitness model standing in her kitchen, striking a sultry pose.

The model was wearing Calvin Klein panties and a matching bra as she flexed her muscles and flaunted the results of her hard work. Michelle had her blond hair styled straight, and it cascaded down her back as she tilted her face upward.

Michelle’s eyes were closed and her facial expression looked rather serene as she stood on one flexed foot. The Venezuelan bombshell’s other knee was bent and lifted up to gently touch the surface of the kitchen cabinet, her toes on that foot pointed. She held both arms straight and laid her hands on the countertop as she posed.

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Your body is a sculpture and YOU are the artist. -It goes so slowly to shape it, and it goes so quickly to remove every visible sign of your efforts???? We are entering the "worst" period of the year when it comes to health. Many are struggling. The food on the table is just so tempting, and at this time of the year it's normally not tuna salad served at dinner. This is the time of year when we all, including me, eat more sugar and bad fats than the rest of the year. However, many of you don't want to eat that much, but the temptations are too strong. And everyone else don't seem to care, so let's just have another one. I am not here to tell you that you cannot enjoy the greasy food this holiday. It's not my business. I'm not your mom. It's your choice. I am here to help you if you need it, and many want tips on HOW to avoid eating too much, it's so hard to resist. I know it is! But I have learnt the following (and no one taught me this, this is how I do it): ✅Eat a pretty large healthy meal just before you sit down with family and friends. That will guaranteed make you take it easy. ✅Don't let yourself get hungry. If you do, you will make decisions you might regret. ✅If there is anything healthy on the table, eat that first. The other around is almost humanly impossible. ✅Drink a lot of water before and during dinner. That will fill up you stomach quite well and make you feel full quicker. And one for the dedicated: ✅Keep inside your purse: dental floss, tooth paste, a tooth brush and mouth wash (listerine) cool mint (all in travel size, every bigger pharmacy have it). Why????? Well, when you have eaten enough and you really want to stop yourself but the cravings are whispering "one more… just one more"… go clean your mouth thoroughly so it feels really fresh, with a strong mint taste… and all those temptations are all of a sudden not so tempting anymore… Nothing tastes good with a fresh mint taste in the mouth. Repeat the mouth wash every 30 minutes… I’m probably a bit crazy, but hey! It works for me, and I'm just sharing my experiences…????????‍♀️ Now party on!???? (Photographer @lee_lhgfx)

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All of Michelle’s well-developed leg muscles were exquisitely highlighted with this particular pose. She had her back arched slightly to show off her curvy backside, and it was easy to see the muscle definition through her arms and shoulders.

Michelle has developed a reputation for having a rather jaw-dropping booty, and the fit of the Calvin Klein panties did a fabulous job of highlighting those curves.

In her lengthy caption, Michelle wrote about how one’s body is a sculpture that is slowly shaped. She pointed out that it is easy to lose all of that hard work. This description allowed her to transition into her tips for navigating the difficult holiday season without losing the shape of that hard-earned sculpture.

The Venezuelan model’s Instagram following has climbed to 13.5 million followers, and it is posts like these that keep people coming back. In less than an hour after this tantalizing shot was initially uploaded, more than 90,000 of Michelle’s followers have liked it. Not only that, but more than 600 comments flooded the post in that same timeframe.

“Lord you’re so unbelievably inspiring with your words so stunning! A true role model,” noted one follower.

“Such a beautiful sculpture,” praised someone else.

Many fans seemed to be inspired by the tips that Michelle shared in this post. However, it seems pretty clear that it’s that incredible figure that really had people buzzing.