Carrie Underwood Stuns On Cover Of Her New Book, 'Find Your Path'

Carrie Underwood wears many hats these days. She is a famously successful country star, a wife, a busy mom of two boys, and has her own brand of athletic wear. Fans certainly wouldn't think that she would be able to fit anything more on her full plate, but this girl has somehow managed to write a book. She now has the title of author in addition to her other roles. The "Blown Away" singer has just revealed the cover of her new book, Find Your Path, and it is amazing.

Underwood took to her Instagram account on Thursday to announce that her new book will be on store shelves in March, but her fans are able to pre-order it now through major book retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The official release date is March 3. The mom-of-two also shared a first look at the cover. She is seen standing outside in a field of wildflowers smiling sweetly wearing a full length dress.

The light pink sleeveless top shows off Underwood's toned arms and shoulders. She is certainly no stranger to a daily exercise routine, and it shows in the photo. While many of her on-stage outfits reveal her famous slender legs, this time she chose to cover them up with a full-length white skirt. It is slightly fitted around her petite waist and then flows onto the green grass. It also features thin lines of vertical ruffles throughout and is sheer enough to barely see a short skirt slip underneath.

Many of the country singer's 9 million followers told her how stunning she looks on the book cover. They admitted that they had already placed their pre-orders as well.

"Stunning cover. I'm really excited for this book. Congrats!" one of her followers said.

"It seriously looks like a wedding picture but for Carrie anything looks good on her," another fan commented.

Find Your Path was written with fitness in mind. Underwood shares her secrets to how she keeps herself in tip-top shape, even when she doesn't feel like it. She admits that she is not perfect, but that she works hard to have those amazing toned legs that she is known for. She is expected to share recipes and her Fit52 workout. In addition to that, the 36-year-old beauty will share her own personal journey to get to where she is today.

Just recently, Underwood opened up about her struggles after having her second child, Jacob Bryan. She confessed that this time around wasn't exactly like her first post-partum experience. Being four years older, she said how frustrated she was at the longer time it took to bounce back. She has since chosen to be kinder to herself and cut herself some slack.