December 19, 2019
Sophie Monk Ditches Her Bikini And Goes Nude In Video Response To Age-Shamers

Sophie Monk has been spending a lot of time in a bikini while celebrating her 40th birthday in Mauritius. However, in the Love Island Australia host's latest vacation video, she's wearing nothing at all.

On Thursday, Sophie took to Instagram to share a video filmed by her boyfriend, marketing executive Joshua Gross. In the caption of the post, she revealed that it was her response to the haters who had commented on some of her previous clips by opining that she's too old to be wearing a bikini. Sophie wrote that she had decided to take their advice, and her video was proof that she had completely ditched her two-piece.

The new clip began with a shot of an open refrigerator door.

"Is there any milk in there, Soph?" Joshua said from behind the camera.

Sophie confirmed that there was plenty of milk when she shut the refrigerator door. The stunning blonde had two white porcelain pitchers full of the refreshing breakfast drink in her hands. She held the containers in front of her chest, using them to partially conceal her breasts. However, she was still showing off a generous amount of cleavage, and it was obvious that she was not wearing a top.

The next scene revealed that Sophie was completely nude. Her body was strategically positioned behind a large white urn. The sides of her slender torso were visible, making it clear that she wasn't wearing any bottoms. She walked around the urn as Joshua carefully moved with her. The amateur cameraman made sure that he didn't capture too much of his girlfriend's bare body on film.

The couple eventually moved outdoors, where Joshua and Sophie used two pineapples to protect Sophie's modesty. In another scene, she was shown emerging from a pool. The soaking-wet Aussie stunner then eagerly accepted two cans of beer from her boyfriend. The video ended with Sophie using one of her birthday gifts and a large floral arrangement to cover up her naked figure. Sophie and Joshua's vacation footage was very similar to the famous Austin Powers nude-blocking scene involving Elizabeth Hurley and Michael Myers.

In the caption of her post, Sophie responded to the trolls who criticized her choice of swimwear in two other videos that were filmed during her Mauritius trip. She wrote that she believes people should post whatever they want on social media, as long as they're not hurting anyone.

In one of the clips that got the attention of her detractors, Sophie was shown sporting a leopard print string bikini while Joshua pulled a hilarious prank on her. In the other, she performed a wacky dance in a tiny white two-piece.

Many of Sophie's Instagram followers applauded her latest post, responding to her funny troll take-down with words of love and support.

"Omg I wish I looked like you and still could. Jealousy is a b*tch with some people lol. You keep doing you, that's why we love you," wrote one fan.

"Good reply, and why shouldn't you wear whatever you want? Or care what anyone else thinks?" another admirer remarked. "Well played."