Dakota Fanning Sits Naked On A Sink In Candid Photo Snapped By Her Sister Elle

Dakota Fanning was pictured applying her makeup in the nude in an Instagram photo the actress uploaded on Thursday.

In the snapshot, the 25-year-old Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was pictured from the back. She was completely naked, providing her followers with a full view of her shapely back. Dakota used a giant peach emoji to censor the lower half of her snapshot, ensuring that she didn't reveal too much to the camera.

While she was not wearing any clothing, Dakota rocked a blingy accessory: a sparkly, thin belly chain that encircled her slender hips. She sat with her bare derriere on the edge of a large double-bowl bathroom sink, hunched over in a squat position with a barefoot in each sink bowl. Her left arm was resting on her left knee, and she had a makeup brush in her right hand while peering into a mirror. She used the beauty tool to apply powder on her cheeks.

Dakota had her dark blond hair pulled back in a low messy bun. As she applied her makeup, she looked at her reflection in the ornate oval mirror featuring a baroque gold frame. Her reflection was visible, and she was dangerously close to flashing a bit too much of her chest.

The bathroom in which Dakota's photo was taken was dimly lit by two wall lamps on both sides of the mirror. A plant and various personal care products were sitting on a long shelf in front of Dakota, and a few articles of clothing had been tossed in the sink with her.

In the caption of her post, Dakota shared a helpful makeup tip with her fans. Her cosmetic application advice also explained why she was sitting in the sink, explaining that what she did would make it easier to apply makeup when you are "too far from the mirror."

Dakota's photo garnered more than 190,000 likes in the span of an hour. In addition, the comments section of her Instagram post was flooded with hundreds of responses from her 2.8 million followers.

One comment came from her sister, 21-year-old Elle. The younger Fanning revealed she had been the photographer who snapped the candid picture.

"Still amazed how girls can be this comfortable around each other!" read a fan's response to Elle's revelation. "My brother once walked [in] on me for a brief second while changing and the awkwardness lasted for about 5 years."

"Impressive. Good to know that if this whole crazy acting thing doesn't work out, you have photography as a backup plan," another fan remarked.

Quite a few fans also responded to Elle's photo of her sister by referencing Dakota's state of undress. Others revealed they do their makeup the same way.

"Haha Dakota's Fanny," wrote one of the actress' followers.

"Oh so I'm not the only human that does this," another commented.

This isn't the only bathroom photo Dakota has shared with her followers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she dressed up like a blue loofah for Halloween and showed off her creative costume by posing in a bathtub.