Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Confrontation For Brad & Nelle, Emotional Talk From Julian To Lucas

Chloe Lanier plays Nelle Benson on 'General Hospital'.
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for AT&T Audience Network

The sneak peek for Friday’s episode of General Hospital has enticing spoilers that have fans anxious to see what comes next. After a bit of a lull, the action in Port Charles will finally shift back over to Brad, Lucas, and the baby swap. Teasers suggest that bombshells may truly drop soon.

At the moment, Nelle is in one room at General Hospital while Lucas lies unconscious in another. Nelle is at GH after orchestrating a “fight” with Ryan in hopes that this would pave the way to her regaining her freedom from prison. It doesn’t look as if it’ll be that easy, though, and now she faces an intense conversation with Brad.

The preview for Friday’s show reveals that Brad will pay Nelle a visit in her room. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will be filled with fury as he tells her that all of this is her fault.

While she did initiate giving Brad baby Jonah to replace Wiley and lied to Michael saying their baby died, this mess isn’t entirely Nelle’s fault. Brad is the one who decided to continue the charade and Julian is the one who rigged the car to crash. There’s plenty of blame to go around and viewers have seen that Brad has been wracked with grief and guilt over what happened.

According to Soap Central, Nelle is going to be quite careful as she bides her time at General Hospital. It’s not clear yet whether she — and perhaps her lawyer Martin — will find a way to spring her from custody, but spoilers suggest that she won’t be dropping any baby bombshells just yet.

As Nelle gets blasted by Brad, General Hospital spoilers note that Julian will be in his son Lucas’ room. Lucas remains in a coma, although he has made some progress and has been breathing on his own.

Julian will sit by his son’s bedside and tell him that by the time he wakes up, everything will be back on track. So far, General Hospital spoilers have not revealed anything about when Lucas will wake up or what he will remember about those moments from just before the crash.

Will Lucas fully recover and will he remember that Brad confessed that Wiley is really Jonah? Will he remember tidbits about what Julian has said and implied about his role in the crash?

Unfortunately, fans will be left hanging a bit as Friday’s episode ends. As The Inquisitr shared earlier, a special episode is slated to air next Monday and new episodes will not come until next Thursday and Friday, due to the holiday.

When new shows pick up again, SheKnows Soaps notes that Nelle will do her best to play it cool while Julian will let his temper flare. Nelle is going to be insistent about something and General Hospital spoilers hint that these upcoming episodes will be big shows that should not be missed.