‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Nina Pushes, Ava Negotiates, & Lulu Faces A Battle With Valentin

Cynthia Watros plays Nina Reeves on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Fans are anxious to check out Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that there’s a big conversation on the way between Ava and Nikolas, while others across Port Charles have their own thoughts about the not-so-dead Cassadine family member. In addition, Nina will be forging forward with her own secrets, and she seems to have something interesting up her sleeve.

Due to ABC televising a full day of House debate, Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was pushed out a day. That means viewers didn’t miss a thing and don’t have to scramble to catch up online.

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Ava will hold Nikolas at gunpoint when he sneaks into the gallery as she knew he would. According to Hollywood Hiccups, the two will lash out at one another about how they have each crossed the other in various ways.

Soon, Ava will reveal that the highly-desired codicil did not burn with the portrait of Helena. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will have terms in mind that Nikolas will have to meet if he wants the codicil in his hands.

Across town, General Hospital spoilers share that Sonny will talk with Jason about Carly keeping secrets. Sonny knows that Carly and Jax have been whispering about something, but neither of the men knows or even suspects that Nikolas is alive.

Carly will be upset about this predicament, and she will urge Jax to call the police, turn Nik in, and move on. While Jax wants to be done with this mess, he’s not quite ready to follow Carly’s advice.

Later, Jason will catch up with Carly and try to get her to open up about what she’s hiding. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll admit that she is hiding something with Jax, but she won’t tell Jason so as not to put him in a difficult position with Sonny.

However, Carly will promise to fill Jason in by New Year’s if the secrets haven’t yet emerged. It sounds as if Jason may accept this, but Sonny will see the two talking and make a phone call to try to handle this in his own way.

Viewers will also see Laura, Kevin, Curtis, and Lulu meet up and talk about Valentin’s threats regarding a custody battle over Charlotte. General Hospital spoilers note that Lulu will feel that she needs to see Valentin in person to try to work through this.

Unfortunately, the conversation between Valentin and Lulu will not go well. For now, General Hospital spoilers indicate that both will plan to battle one another in court.

Curtis will find Jax and fill him in on Lulu’s situation. General Hospital spoilers hint that this may spark a mission coordinated between the two to find Claudette and try to shift this battle to Lulu’s advantage.

Thursday’s show will also bring difficult moments for Nina and Liesl. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nina will push Liesl for the truth about the Sasha scheme, and Obrecht will admit seeing Valentin take a DNA sample from Madeline. Obrecht will be regretful, but it sounds as if she’ll still hold back a few details.

Apparently, viewers will also see that Nina has more secrets she is hiding. She will not tell Liesl about how she’s aiming to take down Valentin, and Soap Hub details that Nina will later be seen looking at a lock of hair in a baggie. It seems she’ll soon be orchestrating a DNA test of her own, but right now, it’s not clear where this is headed.

During the next show, Michael and Sasha will be seen working with Lucy and an investor on a deal regarding Deception. Michael will take the lead on negotiating on Sasha’s behalf, and it seems he’ll strike a lucrative deal for her with Lucy.

Lots of wild secrets seem on the verge of being exposed, and General Hospital spoilers hint that big developments are set to play out over the next few new episodes.