‘Death Wish Coffee’ Has 200 Percent More Caffeine For Your Monday Morning

Death Wish Coffee will kill you

Need a little extra boost before you head in for a 12-hour shift at work? 5 Hour Energy not cutting it for you? Meet “Death Wish Coffee,” which reportedly has “200 percent more caffeine” than your average cup of morning joe.

Death Wish Coffee is marketed toward putting you into the high of your life and then ushering you into an early grave. The American company behind the new brand is embracing the potential dangers of caffeine overdose by placing an ominous skull-and-crossbones in front of a black bag with an ominous “death wish” scribbled onto the label.

The company also claims that Death Wish is “the world’s strongest coffee.”

“This is not your regular morning coffee. This is not your store bought coffee. You will not find this coffee at your local diner or at your sissy Starbucks,” says the disclaimer. “Death Wish Coffee is the most highly caffeinated premium dark roast organic coffee in the world. This is Extreme Coffee, not for the weak. Consider yourself warned.”

But how strong is it, really?

We can’t say for sure, but one thing we can confirm about Death Wish Coffee is that it seems to be incredibly popular among those who have dared try it. The company’s Facebook page has over 11,000 likes so far, and website testimonies sing its praises.

“This coffee should be illegal…Thanks!!” reads one. “I’ve died and gone to heaven,” says another.

Time Magazine’s Rebecca Nelson boldly tested the brew, and wrote about her experience for the magazine. She describes herself as a “former Starbucks barista who basically mainlined espresso shots night and day.” You’d be hard-pressed to find a test pilot better than that.

Nelson explained that Death Wish Coffee lived up to its name, granting her an intense caffeine high … followed by a devastating crash. “You know that feeling when your eyes have been open for 36 hours straight?” she asks.

Death Wish Coffee is sold in 450g (1lb) bags and is priced at £13 (roughly $20). The company apparently believes in its product, though. If you’re not impressed, they offer to buy your beans back.

Are you bold enough to try a cup of Death Wish Coffee?