Brunette Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Bares Her Bottom In Flirty Bedroom Pic

Niece Waidhofer poses for a sflfie.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Niece Waidhofer heated up Instagram on Thursday when she shared a sexy bedroom snap of her baring her bottom in a pair of thong panties.

The photo showed the beauty in her bedroom, which was bright from light streaming in from a large window. A basket of white roses could be seen under the window.

As usual, Niece was scantily clad. She wore a pair of white thong panties that gave her followers a nice look at her perky booty. The stunner also sported a green knit cap with a pompom and a white snowflake pattern on it. To complete her sexy look, she sported a matching scarf and gloves.

The photo captured Niece at a slight side angle from behind on her bed. She sat on her feet with her legs spread and her back arched slightly. The scarf was strategically placed to cover her breast, keeping the photo safe for Instagram. That being said, she still showed off plenty of skin. The picture showed off her shapely back as well as her thin waistline as she flashed a smile for the camera.

Niece’s hair was down in loose waves. Her makeup included sculpted brows, smoky eye shadow and a nude gloss on her lips.

Niece cracked a joke about the chilly temperatures in her caption.

Her followers loved the snap, and many had to take a moment to tell her what they thought of her in the skimpy outfit.

“You’re heating up the room all on your own,” quipped one fan.

“Well you makin it like a 100 degrees on insta everyday,” joked a second follower.

“I think you’re so hot you majorly contribute to global warming,” a third admirer said.

“Niece you are thermonuclear heat when you like that! Dayyuumm!” a fourth admirer wrote.

Niece’s fan can always count on her to post titillating photos. Most of her shots are semi-nude, as the stunner seems to enjoy showing off as much skin as Instagram will allow. She seems to prefer dominatrix-style lingerie, but every so often she will thrill her fans with a snap that shows off her fun side. She recently flaunted her derrière in a pair of black lace panties.

The beauty’s fans seem to appreciate her sense of humor, and many love interacting with her in the comments section of her posts. While her content might not be for everyone, Niece seems to know exactly what her 1.1 million followers like to see.