Cosplay Model Meg Turney Sizzles In ‘Die Hard’-Inspired Photoshoot

Meg looked amazing in her John McClane cosplay.

Cosplay model Meg Turney snaps selfie.
Meg Turney / Instagram

Meg looked amazing in her John McClane cosplay.

On Wednesday, December 18, cosplay model Meg Turney uploaded an Instagram post that consisted of two images. One was a shot from her recent photoshoot, inspired by the film Die Hard, while the other was a still from the movie.

The picture, taken by professional photographer Wes Ellis, shows Meg dressed up as John McClane, portrayed in the film by Bruce Willis. She sported a dirtied, off-white tank top that accentuated her incredible curves.

Meg’s photo seems to be based on the scene that takes place in an air vent. She is lying on her stomach and holding an illuminated lighter. The Twitch streamer tilted her head, looking off into the distance, with her mouth slightly open.

To roughen up her look, the expert cosplayer applied special effects makeup, including fake blood on her eyebrow, the corner of her mouth, and her upper arm. The base of her makeup consisted of subtle contour, voluminous lashes, and nude lipstick. Meg styled her auburn wig into a low ponytail. Her nails were perfectly manicured and painted red, juxtaposing her undone appearance.

In the caption, Meg quoted one of the most iconic lines from the film. She also indicated that the photoshoot was a continuation of her MegMas celebration, an annual tradition in which she shares festive posts during the month of December.

The model’s decision to do a John Mcclane cosplay as a part of MegMas, however, seemed to be somewhat controversial. The comments section soon became flooded with followers sharing their opinions on whether or not Die Hard should be considered a Christmas movie.

“@megturny there are two types of people in the world, people who think die hard [sic] is a Christmas movie and people who are wrong…” said one commenter.

“I’m going to say it. Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film. It has nothing to do with Christmas. It taking place on Christmas means nothing,” added a different follower.

Regardless, quite a few fans noted that this post was their favorite MegMas upload.

“Alright this wins, I don’t even need to see the rest. (but I still will cos [sic] megmas [sic] is the most wonderful time of the year),” wrote one fan.

“I may be biased but this is the best part of christmas and megmas [sic],” chimed in another Instagram user, adding a string of red heart emoji to the comment.

The post appears to be a fan favorite, racking up more than 11,000 likes since it was shared.