‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint At Charlotte Shocker: Fans Wonder If Lulu & Valentin Are Truly Her Parents

James Patrick Stuart portrays Valentin Cassadine on 'General Hospital'
Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

Some General Hospital fans are starting to speculate that another twist might be on the way regarding Charlotte Cassadine. Could it soon be revealed that Valentin Cassadine isn’t truly her biological father, or perhaps there’s more to the story about Lulu Spencer being her biological mother?

There has been a lot of Charlotte-centered drama playing out on General Hospital in recent weeks. She was kidnapped by Cassandra Pierce, has been convinced by Nikolas Cassadine that he’s her secret bodyguard, and people have been talking about her supposed surrogate mother Claudette Beaulieu.

After the incident during Tuesday’s episode where she jumped into the water, Valentin threatened that he would go for full custody of Charlotte. He claims that Lulu has been lax in supervising their daughter, since both the kidnapping and jump in the water happened while the little girl was with her mother. As Lulu has pointed out, however, the Cassandra issue happened because of the woman’s hatred for Valentin.

All of this talk about Claudette, the fighting between Valentin and Lulu, and the battle over the Cassadine fortune has prompted some speculation among General Hospital fans. Could the writers have a twist in store related to Charlotte and the real story of how she came to be? There definitely are some theories floating around that this might be the case.

It looks as if at least some General Hospital fans wonder if Lulu’s ex-husband Dante Falconeri could actually be Charlotte’s biological father and that Valentin messed with the DNA test.

“I’ve had that theory since the moment Valentin and Charlotte appeared in P.C. The way Charlotte’s paternity was determined was so shady and there had to be an underlying reason Valentin has always been SO determined to keep Charlotte away from Lulu and her maternal family,” shared one GH fan on Twitter.

“If this story doesn’t end with it coming out that Valentin isn’t Charlotte’s bio-father what is the friggin’ point?” questioned another viewer.

“I wish Valentin wasn’t Charlotte’s father! She deserves better than him!” bemoaned another General Hospital fan.

One potential hiccup with this theory is that General Hospital already has a fair amount of paternity chaos going on right now. “Wiley” is really Michael Corinthos and Nelle Benson’s biological son Jonah, and fans suspect that Willow Tait will turn out to be the biological daughter of Nina Reeves.

Plus, there’s the biological connection that Trina Robinson recently mentioned, and Stella Henry noted something similar months ago. The General Hospital writers have seemingly been hinting that Trina may end up being perhaps Curtis’ biological daughter as a result of a pregnancy he never knew about.

Would the show really throw in a twist about Charlotte in the midst of all of this? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything specific on this front, so, for now, it’s just fan speculation.

Viewers know that the walls are closing in on Valentin from many sides right now, so shaking things up in his relationship with Charlotte would be a pretty juicy addition. For now, however, General Hospital fans will have to hold tight and wait to see whether the writers turn everything upside down like this.