Paulina Porizkova Cracks Joke About Lack Of ‘Dough’ In The Bank As She Seeks Part Of Ric Ocasek’s Estate

The supermodel shares a rare light-hearted moment following the death of The Cars frontman she was married to for nearly 30 years.

Singer/musician Ric Ocasek and model Paulina Poriskova attend The Hollywood Reporters 35 Most Powerful People In Media at Four Seasons Grill Room on April 10, 2013 in New York City.
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The supermodel shares a rare light-hearted moment following the death of The Cars frontman she was married to for nearly 30 years.

Paulina Porizkova seems to be keeping her sense of humor three months after the death of her husband, Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. On Tuesday, the supermodel managed to crack a joke amid legal drama surrounding her late husband’s estate.

Ocasek passed away in September, and now Porizkova is reportedly seeking part of the music legend’s estate after being cut from his will following their 2018 separation.

A new report posted by Page Six reveals that while Ocasek claimed that his wife “abandoned” him after 28 years of marriage, she may be entitled to one-third of his estate under New York law. Porizkova would not be entitled to any part of Ocasek’s estate if it is determined that she did abandon him, however.

In court documents filed in Manhattan surrogate’s court this week, Ocasek’s widow exercised the “personal right of election” and elected to take her “elective share” of her late husband’s $5.115 million estate.

While an abandonment would disqualify Porizkova from exercising the right of election, the model reportedly took care of her late husband during his final days of life. Porizkova previously claimed that she and her sons, Jonathan and Oliver, cared for Ocasek as he recovered from surgery just before his death. It was Paulina who found her husband when he passed away, as she went to bring him his morning coffee.

But amid the estate drama, the supermodel posted a light-hearted message to her Instagram fans. Paulina posted a photo of her refrigerator, which is filled with cookie dough ready for baking. In the caption to the post, the model joked that while she doesn’t have a lot of “dough” in the bank, her fridge is packed with it.

Porizkova has claimed that she knew of her late husband’s final wishes to exclude her from his will and that she posted loving tributes to him anyway because “love never dies.”

In an Instagram post shortly after Ocasek’s death she wrote the following.

“I’ve known about the will since the day after Ric passed. All you have heard from me since – is in spite of that.”

While she is able to find a little bit of levity on her “dough” situation, last week Porizkova posted an emotional post to Instagram.

“I’m not good. Grief. Anger. No stable ground below me at the moment- insecurity in every pertinent and important area of my future. I’m breaking a little under the weight of it all,” she wrote.

The widow of Ric Ocasek added that she has insecurity in all “but love” as fans and friends have reached out to her during the darkest moments.