Olivia Culpo Pouts And Teases In Strapless Dress During Bailey’s Event At Bloomingdale’s

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Olivia Culpo has just delighted her 4.4 million Instagram followers by posting a clip of herself during recent celebrations. The fashion influencer and reality star showed off her figure as she got ready to sip on a delicious Baileys drink.

The sponsored partnership with the alcoholic drink maker occurred at Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street in New York City. According to the caption on the Instagram clip, Olivia was there for one of her usual traditions during the holidays.

In the clip, Olivia was shot behind the bar with a cup in her hand. A neon sign behind her declares that she is at the Baileys Treat Bar. Bottles of the popular alcoholic beverage are lined up on the bar as she leans on it.

She pouts and kisses at the camera before toasting with the glass of Baileys. Wearing a low-cut strapless black and white patterned dress, Olivia shows off her slim figure, shapely shoulders, and plunging cleavage. Her long brunette locks are sleek and fall over her shoulders as she smiles.

Fans were instantly captivated by the post and responded accordingly.

“Your hotness and gorgeousness is beyond words… you are an absolute stunner hun,” one follower wrote. They used kissing emoji to emphasize their comments.

“Cutest of them allllllllll,” another fan wrote.

Prior to the event, Olivia posted several updates via her Instagram stories. Among these updates, the former Miss Universe celebrated her arrival in New York City, even though it was raining. She then posted images of her sleek new haircut by hair designer Dominick Pucciarello.

Another video was shared documenting her Bailey’s event as she discussed her choice of beverage — the Baileys Hot Chocolate. Initially, the celebrity couldn’t decide between the hot chocolate or a Baileys Mocha but finally settled on a choice because she has “a major sweet tooth at the moment.”

For those who would like to replicate the drink, Olivia also included steps in her Instagram story regarding how it is made. First, you will need to make a standard hot chocolate. Then, add a shot of Baileys liqueur, before topping it all off with whipped cream and sprinkles.

While Olivia may be ready to celebrate her Christmas cheer, she is also set for the new year. In a recent post by The Inquisitr, the supermodel shared her New Year’s resolutions with her followers on Instagram. Her list of resolutions included “more time off and self care, work smarter (not harder), journal more, read more, see my family more.” In addition, she would like to finally finish furnishing her house.