Brunette Beauty Ariana James Sizzles At The Beach In A Red Crochet Bikini Top

Ariana James poses for a selfie
Ariana James / Instagram

Raven-haired beauty Ariana James has posted yet another sexy bikini photo on her Instagram page, one which went live on Tuesday night. Her newest update shows her posing on top of some coral on the shore of a picturesque beach.

The buxom babe is dripping wet in the picture as she smolders at the camera. Ariana’s long black hair looks gorgeous and full of beachy waves. Behind the brunette bombshell, the ocean waves are visible, making for a stunning image all around.

As for her swimsuit, this time around, Ariana opted for a red crochet bikini top. It shows a hint of cleavage before giving way to the bare expanse of her immaculate abdomen. The model’s killer abs are on full display as she reclines against her perch.

Her white panties are harder to see due to the angle of the photo, but they look like they also have a crocheted design and potentially a thong bikini bottom. Even though her legs are together and her lower half is angled to the side, Ariana’s curvaceous booty is still visible, as are her incredible thighs.

The model looks quite serene as she peers into the camera. As is typical of Ariana’s swimsuit photos, she’s not wearing much — if any — makeup. Ariana is a natural beauty who likes to let her good looks shine through on their own merit.

Ariana’s latest photo has only been live on Instagram for approximately an hour, yet it has amassed almost 40,000 likes and nearly 400 comments. Her fans have been loving all of her swimsuit pictures as of late, as they help them imagine warmer weather during these chilly months of the year.

Many of her followers were touched by the sentimental message Ariana wrote in her caption. While it was written in Spanish, it roughly translates to a heartfelt message about keeping the people you love close.

“Sooo pretty with an endless beauty. Have a marvelous night dear,” said an admirer, adding several heart emoji to their reply.

“Such a beautiful soul you bring joy, inspiration and you are loved,” added a second person.

Ariana has been posing in quite a few bikinis on her Instagram as of late. Yesterday afternoon, The Inquisitr reported that the model posted a photo of herself walking along the beach while wearing a scandalous metallic blue top, one that was more revealing than the shot she posted today. Her breasts were nearly popping out of the top and bottom of her bikini bra.

Before that, she posed in another crochet bikini, although it was white instead of red.