December 17, 2019
Niece Waidhofer Wows Fans By Wearing A Racy Leather Lingerie Ensemble

Brunette bombshell Niece Waidhofer stunned her fans on Tuesday evening by posting a photo of herself wearing a jaw-dropping leather ensemble to Instagram. Her skimpy outfit consisted of little more than some precariously placed strips of fabric and knee-high black boots.

The sultry goddess snapped a selfie with a smoldering stare, her camera held out in front of her. Not only did fans get a tremendous look at her incredible breasts -- which are barely covered at all in her strappy leather halter bra -- but they also got a fantastic view of her backside, thanks to the full-length mirror behind the model.

Niece's plump rear end is entirely on display in the mirror, revealing that the back of her lingerie is even more scandalous than the front. Not one piece of fabric is larger than a few inches in width, making the perky cheeks of her booty look extra-curvy.

To complete her edgy look, Niece wore her raven-haired tresses in a high messy ponytail. Several stray tendrils are hanging down to frame her stunning face. For makeup, she chose to wear glossy pink lipstick to accentuate her sex-kitten pout. She also rocked smoky eyeshadow and bold lashes, adding a little bit of bronzer to highlight her sharp cheekbones.

Niece's 1 million followers have already showered the model with tons of praise in the comments section of her photo. The post has only been live for a little over an hour, and it already has more than 31,000 likes and close to 800 comments.

"I almost just crashed my car," commented one awestruck admirer.

"Please ruin my life," added a second person.

Several of Niece's fans shared their own quips to go along with her hilarious caption. She made a joke about how long it takes her to text people back, suggesting she always wants people to text her but then doesn't get around to responding until much later. The model mentioned the "Spongebob narrator," so several people replied in kind.

"Sorry can't text, but I can call on the Conch Shell," joked one of her many fans.

"Spongebob narrator: one eternity later," another user mentioned.

Just days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Niece had posted an equally sexy photograph on her Instagram page. She traded her black lingerie for a saucy red outfit to channel her inner Santa Claus. The model was acting extra-naughty and posing for the holidays in a scandalous miniskirt and a matching red bra. She also wore thigh-high black boots with garters attached.