December 17, 2019
Blake Shelton Is Gwen Stefani's Secret Stylist And Gives Her A Mullet In Hilarious Promo For 'The Voice'

Gwen Stefani won an award for being 2019's biggest fashion icon, but a hilarious Twitter promo for The Voice finale revealed that she has a big style secret -- Blake Shelton is responsible for her wardrobe.

Obviously, Blake isn't really the mastermind behind Gwen's eye-catching ensembles. However, on Tuesday, she shared a video with her 2.8 million Twitter followers that gave them some idea of what Blake would be like if he were a designer and stylist. In the short clip, Gwen was searching racks of clothing for the perfect outfit for The Voice finale. However, she wasn't liking anything that she was seeing.

"None of this is screaming 'finale,'" she said. "I need something high fashion."

This was Blake's cue to make his dramatic entrance. The country music star stuck one of his hands out through a curtain, revealing that he was wearing a fingerless black leather glove. He then stepped into the room.

Blake had traded his usual blue jeans and button-down shirt combo for a Karl Lagerfeld-inspired ensemble. The sharp-dressed man was rocking a gray suit jacket over a white collared shirt, black vest, and black silk ascot. He was also sporting a pair of black dress pants and brown leather cowboy boots, further accessorizing his ensemble with a pair of dark designer sunglasses, a star-shaped cravat pin, a monocle, and a long silver necklace with a longhorn skull charm.

"Did somebody say 'fashion?'" Blake said.

"Oh my God, if anyone knew that you secretly designed my wardrobe, I would be so embarrassed," Gwen said after Blake offered his assistance.

Unfortunately, Gwen's secret stylist was having a difficult time fulfilling her fashion desires. As the Madonna song "Vogue" played, Blake picked out clothing pieces for his girlfriend and sketched stick figure models wearing his designs. The "genius" did his best impression of a diva designer. His creative process included telling Gwen to burn a pair of pink shorts, throwing a mini-tantrum over someone touching his mannequin, and tearing up one of his drawings.

The first look Blake finally put together was a "cowgirl chic" ensemble that included a printed button-up shirt, a denim jacket with knitted sleeves trimmed with fringe, and cutoff denim shorts. However, Blake decided that it needed a little something extra. This turned out to be a pair of chaps that looked like they were constructed out of curly red hair. He also stuck a blond mullet wig on Gwen's head.

"I know you're going to bring it back," Blake said of the mullet. "I'm so jealous."

Gwen wasn't a fan of the look, and suggested that they try something "holiday-themed."

"Christmas couture. I love it!" Blake exclaimed.

Unfortunately, Gwen didn't like any of his festive ideas, which included a giant red gift box, Christmas lights wrapped around her body so that she couldn't move her arms, and a Christmas tree costume. Ultimately, Gwen took over and picked out an outfit herself -- a Tiffany blue confection covered in ruffles and feathers that she'll be wearing for tonight's Voice finale, as seen in the video below.