Ed Reed, Texans Not Close On Deal

The Texans and Ed Reed did not reach a deal after days of negotiating

The Houston Texans and Ed Reed are not close on a deal. Reed, testing the free agent market after winning the Super Bowl with the Ravens, is looking for more money than Houston is willing to pay.

At 34-years-old, Ed Reed is entering the last few years of career. Still one of the most productive defensive players in the game, Reed is hoping teams will overlook his age and pay him for his performance.

What Reed wants and what teams are willing to pay him are two very different things. Last year the Ravens paid him $7.2 million. He earned Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors and stood with Ray Lewis as one of Baltimore’s uncontested leaders.

Upon entering free agency Ed Reed was courted by Houston. After days of negotiating Reed left without a deal. He was offered a three year deal at around $4 million a year. He has an offer to return to Baltimore, but is also unhappy with the money being offered there.

Ed Reed can’t afford to be stubborn though. Most big contracts in free agency happen on the first two days. New Buccaneer Dashon Goldson didn’t take long to find a team, or the money he was hoping to get. Neither did Reed’s former teammate Paul Kruger, now a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Both Kruger and Goldson are younger than Reed and seen by most teams as having more upside for the money. Still, there is something to be said for a player with Ed Reed’s credentials. Most teams just aren’t sure how much the eight time All-Pro has left in his tank.

More pressing for Ed Reed is the upcoming draft. If he doesn’t reach a deal with the Texans, or another team before April, those teams will probably take a cornerback in what’s considered a talent heavy class this year. As teams fill their needs through the draft, Reed’s potential value goes down even more.

The Texans pulled out all the stops to make a deal with Reed except for the check book. There have been no reports about what teams he might meet with next, although Schefter makes some interesting guesses with the 49ers and Colts.

Wherever Ed Reed signs, it probably won’t be for the money he is looking for unless he signs a one year contract, which would assume less risk for his new team.

Should Ed Reed have taken the deal with the Texans? Do you think in the end he’ll return to Baltimore?