December 17, 2019
Barack Obama Deserves Cancer Or 'Worse,' Says Texas Congressional Candidate

In a now-deleted tweet, Texas Democrat Justin Lecea delivered some harsh words about former President Barack Obama for his work on the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, according to Newsweek.

"I just want you to think about all the people who have and will die because Obamacare is pointless and your entire presidency was a waste," Lecea wrote, noting that if he were "God" Obama would "get most malignant cancer imaginable."

Before Lecea deleted the tweet, health care analyst Charles Gaba snapped a screenshot and shared it Sunday, tagging Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is leading the charge on health care reforms via his Medicare for All proposal.

Newsweek spoke to Lecea, who claims that the tweet was intended to be shocking.

"When I tweeted it out, I meant to say something offensive, because that's the only way that people pay attention to things."
Despite deleting the tweet, Lecea, doesn't appear to be walking back his criticism. In a new thread, Lecea again took aim at Obama for his purported failure to reform the United States healthcare system.

"People are criticizing me for wishing cancer on Obama. I say that having lost a parent to brain cancer after 12 years of fighting, and getting to see just how terrible our Healthcare system is, and I still think he deserves it or worse," Lecea wrote, adding that his original tweet was simply calling for justice upon a person who "deserves it."

Writing for The Courier-Journal, Scott Jennings highlighted his belief that Obama's policies have made America worse. In one portion of the article, Jennings focuses on Obamacare, noting that many deductibles are more than $7,000 per individual, with family policies costing even more. Jennings also wrote that Sanders has the same position on Obamacare as Donald Trump and wonders how that makes the former president feel.

Sanders is running a campaign on his Medicare for All bill, which would eliminate nearly all private insurance and move the United States to a single-payer healthcare system that ensures coverage for all Americans. CNN reported that while Sanders previously voted in support of Obamacare and sided with Democrats in the face of Trump's attempts to dismantle the act, the Vermont Senator refused to support Democratic-led legislation to expand the ACA and block the Trump administration's efforts to weaken it.

While Sanders voiced his belief that Democrats must protect the ACA from Trump, he noted that such protection would not solve the health care crisis in America.