December 17, 2019
Cardi B Flaunts Insane Diamond Rings On Instagram

Cardi B recently made headlines for gifting her husband, Offset, $500,000 in literal cold, hard cash for his birthday. The rapper went on Instagram to prove that she's also been the recipient of extremely expensive birthday presents, as well.

In the Instagram video, which appears to have since been deleted, Cardi flaunted two enormous diamond rings on her left hand. First, she showed off the pear-shaped engagement ring on her ring finger. Second, she flaunted the heart-shaped rock on her pointer finger. Cardi's long, coffin-shaped nails were painted a Barbie pink. Two of them were encrusted with silver and pink rhinestones. As she moved her hands around in the video, both diamonds caught the light and glittered.

In the caption, Cardi focused specifically on the gigantic heart-shaped diamond ring, which Offset gave her for her birthday in October. The "Press" rapper also talked about the Birkin bags that the Migos rapper gave to her, though those weren't shown in the post.

She explained that before men expect to get half a million dollars on their birthdays, remember that they have to treat their significant other to luxurious presents as well.

"Remember ya gotta spoil ya b*tch too," Cardi wrote. "I don't have a pic of my Birkieess but I got that for my bday too...IT GOES BOTH WAYS!"

According to TMZ, the heart-shaped ring — which also features a diamond-encrusted band — is a whopping 25 carats; the heart diamond is 20 carats alone. Altogether, the bling reportedly cost more than $1 million.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Offset shared a video surprising Cardi with the present, who loved it. The diamond is reportedly nicknamed the "Titanic" due to its enormous size.

Cardi's engagement ring, which she also showed off in her Instagram video, cost more than half a million dollars, TMZ reported.

As for the Birkin bags Cardi wrote about in the video caption, she made mention of them in Offset's birthday video, too.

For Offset's birthday, the rapper surprised her husband with a silver refrigerator — filled with stacks $100 bills, all adding up to $500,000. She filmed his reaction over the weekend. It's clear that Offset was in complete shock. Even while touching the money, Offset couldn't believe it. In the clip, Cardi told him he could buy whatever he wanted with the cash, whether it was jewelry for himself or more Birkin bags for her.