December 17, 2019
'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Chris Harrison Reveals Scoop On Hannah Brown's Visit With Peter Weber During Premiere

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor begins airing on January 6 and spoilers have teased that The Bachelorette Hannah Brown will be showing up. In fact, she will reportedly pop up at two different times during that first episode. Now, host Chris Harrison is sharing some teasers about what prompted her appearance.

To help hype up Peter's run as The Bachelor, Chris recently chatted with E! News. When specifically asked about Hannah showing up, he had quite a bit to say.

Chris noted that he thinks it was a mutual decision, that both Peter and Hannah needed to see one another in order to gain some closure on their relationship from The Bachelorette. There was still quite a bit of chemistry between the couple during the wrap up of her season and she is still single after breaking off her engagement to the winner of her season, Jed Wyatt.

As Chris pointed out, there wasn't really ever a full, clean break for Peter and Hannah, given how things played out during her season. Chris said he thinks that the two may have still had some feelings for one another as Peter was ready to begin filming The Bachelor and he felt that they needed an opportunity to deal with those.

"I think it's a hurdle that we needed to clear before we moved forward," Chris explained of those potential lingering feelings between Hannah and Peter.

The Bachelor host noted that he thinks Hannah and Peter did love one another a lot as they went through The Bachelorette. As a result, Chris said Peter probably believed it was important that Hannah be a part of his next journey.

"I think that was a very tough decision for Hannah to make not to end up with Peter, and one she's probably thought a lot about, and I think it was something that needed to be done, and a conversation that needed to be had," Chris continued.

Does anything significant come from Hannah's brief reunion with Peter? The Bachelor spoilers suggest that she won't be seen again after the premiere, but there are still some intriguing unknowns about how his season ultimately ends.

Fans will have to wait until January to see exactly how this reunion between Hannah and Peter goes, but The Bachelor spoilers hint that this is going to be a very wild ride. It's not yet known whether or not Peter finds love, or even whether he and the former The Bachelorette star finally resolve those lingering feelings. However, answers are on the way and viewers are eager to see what will happen.