December 17, 2019
'General Hospital' Tuesday Spoilers Tease That Trina Spots Nikolas As Chaos Erupts At Ava's Auction

All signs point toward today's episode of General Hospital being an intense and juicy one. Spoilers tease that viewers will see what comes next at Ava's gallery after the portrait of Helena caught on fire, and it seems that Trina may find herself in a dangerous predicament.

During Monday's show, Valentin and Laura battled against one another to win the auction of Helena's portrait. Laura won, but before everybody could even absorb that, the painting caught on fire.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Ava and Nina orchestrated this fire and have already protected the information about Mikkos' codicil that seemed incorporated into the portrait. As Valentin, Laura and others react to this shocker in the main room of the gallery, Trina will be behind-the-scenes and asking questions.

Viewers saw that Nikolas was hiding in a dark spot of the gallery, watching the auction play out. He thought he had a plan for snatching the portrait before it departed Ava's gallery, and he gasped as he saw it go up in flames. As he wraps his head around this, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Trina will walk by and spot him.

Trina will see Nikolas from the back and ask who he is and what he is doing there. Nik immediately freezes and will surely be weighing his options regarding how best to react.

Luckily for Nikolas, there is no reason why Trina would have any idea who he is. He could probably rush past her and get out of the gallery without anyone else seeing him, but General Hospital spoilers haven't shared anything specific about what comes next.

Fans have come to enjoy Trina, so they will likely be quite upset if anything bad happened to her at this point. Unfortunately, SheKnows Soaps doesn't currently detail anything more regarding Nik or Trina for the next few days. That means that viewers will have to wait and see how this plays out during Tuesday's show.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers that are currently available, it doesn't sound as if Ava will be thrown off-course. Considering her affection for Trina, that would seem to suggest that nothing much comes of this interaction with Nik.

Today's show also brings panic for Charlotte's loved ones thanks to her decision to leap into the cold, dark water by the docks. General Hospital spoilers hint that Elizabeth and viewers will finally get a sense of where things stand for Franco/Drew after the procedure with Andre and Peter will be facing more questions from Anna.

General Hospital spoilers share that this week will be jam-packed with developments and fans are anxious to see where all of these storylines are headed next.