Liam Hemsworth Is Being Sued For Copyright Infringement, The Actor Could Owe $150,000 In Damages

Liam Hemsworth attends gala
John Sciulli / Getty Images

Actor Liam Hemsworth is allegedly being sued for copyright infringement over a photograph from the production of Isn’t It Romantic that was posted to his Instagram account, reports E! News. Hemsworth played the character Blake, the love interest to actress Rebel Wilson‘s character in the film.

“Splash News and Picture Agency are suing Liam for copyright infringement. The suit alleges that photographer Janet Mayer took a ‘series of photos depicting defendant Hemsworth performing an outdoor scene on location for production of the film Isn’t It Romantic,'” states the article from E! News.

Splash News and Picture Agency are claiming the younger Hemsworth used the photograph without paying for it or asking for the photographer’s permission to use it. The article goes on to claim that the actor first posted the picture on July 15, 2018, and tagged the film’s promotional page and then posted it again twice on the same day this past summer, around the time of the Teen Choice Awards.

The defendants are alleging that Hemsworth used the photograph in his Instagram story as a way to encourage his 13.5 million followers to vote for him and Isn’t It Romantic at the Teen Choice Awards. The same day it was posted to his Instagram story, the social media site’s “swipe up” feature marketed the nominations for the TCAs.

Splash News and Picture Agency believe Mayer’s image was used, without their knowledge or consent, as a deliberate marketing tactic.

In the documents received by E! News, the defendant’s attorneys allege that Liam’s actions were “willful, intentional, and malicious.” Should this lawsuit go to court and Hemsworth be found guilty, the actor may be charged up to $150,000 for each copyright infringement.

It’s worth mentioning that it may not have been the actor himself who posted the alleged photograph on his Instagram story. Many celebrities have social media people who run their accounts for them. It’s not clear if that would make a difference in the lawsuit.

Liam Hemsworth attends gala
  John Sciulli / Getty Images

Many of Hemsworth’s fans have taken to social media to defend the actor. Most of them feel that this is a ploy by a photographer to scam Hemsworth out of money.

“So papparazzi can take photos of you without your permission, sell the, profit from them, but Hemsworth cant use a photo of his own face? Laws need to change,” said one person.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this recently photographers are seriously trying to greedily get money out of celebrities,” tweeted another user.