Fitness Model Ariana James Almost Pops Out Of Her Tight Metallic Blue Bikini Top

Ariana James takes a selfie
Ariana James / Instagram

Fitness model and CEO of Beauty Lean Ariana James is giving her fans quite the show in her latest Instagram update. The model is walking beachside while staring off into the distance with a serene expression on her face in the new photo.

However, more eye-catching than her stunning facial features is the immense amount of bare skin Ariana is flaunting to the camera. Her 2.1 million followers are surely tripping over themselves to dive into Ariana’s comments section right about now.

The model left very little to the imagination in her extra-tiny metallic blue bikini top. The tight spandex material is barely containing her breasts. Not only is her chest bulging out of the neckline, but she’s also flashing the camera some underboob. It appears her bikini might be a little too small for her, but that adds to the overall sex appeal of this mindblowing picture.

Her lower half is even more exposed. The matching bottoms are so tiny they resemble a simple string draped across her hips and her most private areas. The curve of Ariana’s rear end is visible thanks to the lack of material on her bikini bottoms and the way she’s standing.

Ariana has her fingers hooked under the waistband of her bottoms as if teasingly foreshadowing the moment she might tug them down her endless legs, and speaking of her legs; they’re perfectly tanned and incredibly shapely.

The model looks like a goddess birthed from the sea behind her in this flawless and mesmerizing photograph. Not only is she showing off all her best curves, but Ariana is also displaying her exquisite abdominal muscles. She’s rocking a set of six-pack abs without a care in the world.

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In no time at all, Ariana’s photo gained almost 200 comments and close to 8,000 likes. Seeing as she only posted the picture 20 minutes ago, the model will likely see a dramatic increase in traffic the longer it remains online.

“Your body is just perfect,” praised one fan.

They were lucky enough to receive a response from Ariana herself. She sent them several heart-eyes emoji in response to the nice compliment.

The Inquisitr reported that Ariana posted a photo of herself wearing an equally sexy bikini to her Instagram a few days ago. The older photo showed the raven-haired beauty wearing a white crochet bikini while sitting down on an outdoor porch.

That outfit also flashed a lot of skin but not quite as much as the barely-there swimsuit she’s wearing in today’s photo.