Pauline Tantot Gives Fans A Close-Up Of Her Booty While Sunbathing In A Thong Bikini

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Model Pauline Tantot got her fans all aflutter on Monday evening by posting a photo of her curvaceous booty to her Instagram page. The picture is risqué in nature, thanks to how closely she held the camera lens to her rear end — not even her face is in the snap. Instead, the social media star focused the camera right on her perky behind.

The only thing keeping her latest update from becoming explicit is the fact she chose to wear an adorable white string bikini with sweet cherries printed on the fabric. Her bikini is from her own Khassani Swimwear line, which she owns with her twin sister Mathilde.

Pauline posted this photo to tide her 2.6 million followers over while she boarded a plane, per her caption. The picture shows the bombshell sunbathing on her stomach in the sun on a beach. The model was lying on top of a beach towel while surrounded by sand, the sparkling sea stretching out behind her. Several other beachgoers are also visible in the background, along with palm trees and a few white buildings.

Several of Pauline’s recent Instagram posts were taken while the model was in Jamaica, and this photo was likely from that trip. Since she indicated she’s currently traveling, she may be returning home now.

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currently on the plane, bye

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It’s not surprising that a photo as scandalous as this one attracted the stunner’s legion of admirers. More than 70,800 people liked her picture, and almost 500 users have commented on it already. Many of Pauline’s followers posted peach emoji in the comments section of her post to pay tribute to her incredible booty.

“And I’m now goin to the gym for a booty workout sheeeesh!!!” exclaimed one admirer.

“That picture was taken on a nice angle,” complimented another fan.

If Pauline’s bikini looks a little familiar to you, it may be because you’ve seen her wearing it in another Instagram photo. The model shared a full-body shot of herself in the halter-top bathing suit a week ago, but instead of flaunting her derrière, that snap showed off her taut abs and bountiful cleavage.

Just yesterday, The Inquisitr reported that Pauline had posted a photo of herself taken outside her hotel in Jamaica while she was wearing a mini dress with a dangerously high slit. The dress did a good job of accentuating the curvature of her behind, but it’s not nearly as revealing as the picture she uploaded earlier today.