Model Ana Cheri Poses In An Adorable, Yet Naughty, Christmas Sweater: ‘Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe’

Ana Cheri takes a selfie.
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Model Ana Cheri is having a little naughty fun this holiday season. The drop-dead gorgeous stunner posed for a Christmas-themed photo in her latest Instagram update.

In this image, Ana is shown wearing a cozy-looking white sweater with the phrase “kiss me under the mistletoe” embroidered across the chest. Beneath this embroidery is a black arrow pointing down, and beneath that is an embroidered bundle of green mistletoe, complete with the signature white berries. It’s the perfect sweater for those who like to add a little cheekiness to their holiday gatherings.

Not much of Ana’s curvaceous frame is on display, but because the model chose to wear short shorts, her toned thighs are visible. She’s wearing matching white sneakers with white-and-red striped laces to fit the holiday theme.

Ana does a great job of playing up the faux-innocence in this picture, keeping her hair crimped in soft waves while pulling it out of her face with a pink barrette. The stunner is also wearing some flirty makeup, including blush, peach lip gloss, foundation, mascara, and eye shadow. She accessorized her look with a simple gold necklace.

This isn’t Ana’s first Christmas-themed photo of the year. The Inquisitr reported that the brunette bombshell shared a far more scandalous photo of herself a couple of days ago. In the previous picture, Ana posed in front of a mirror, wearing nothing but a racy red lingerie set and a Santa hat. Her rear end was front and center in that photo.

By comparison, her photo from Monday afternoon is tame, although the sexy message on the sweater could be considered NSFW. Fans that want a sweater like hers for themselves, they’re sold by the clothing brand boohooMAN. According to Ana, fans can get one themselves if they tag a friend in the comments section of her photo.

The photo has only been live for about three hours, and yet Ana’s 12.5 million followers wasted no time in showering her with praise. Her picture garnered more than 80,000 likes and over 1,000 comments. Most of her admirers praised her adorable ensemble, and some of them even jokingly said that her sweater should earn her a place on the naughty list.

“Love that sweater! So cute!!” one of Ana’s fellow model friends, Krystle Lina, wrote.

“[V]ery gorgeous woman great body and gorgeous in front in Christmas tree,” said one other admirer.

“You’re a beautiful christmas present,” another person quipped.

“I will kiss u under the mistletoe anytime ur so beautiful,” a third fan remarked.