Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Reveal Trouble For Charlotte, Panic For Valentin & Lulu

Scarlett Fernandez portrays Charlotte Cassadine on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

There’s a fresh round of trouble and worry related to Charlotte Cassadine playing out this week on General Hospital. Spoilers have teased that both Valentin Cassadine and Lulu Spencer will be rattled over something and now it seems clear what is about to happen.

During Monday’s show, Lulu spent time with Charlotte and Rocco Falconeri. Lulu’s beau Dustin Phillips was with them and Lulu left the kids playing on the docks for a moment as she talked to Dustin a short distance away.

Rocco was understandably skeptical of Charlotte’s claim that she has a secret bodyguard, so she decided she would prove it. Although the kids had promised to stay a safe distance from the water, Charlotte took off at a run and jumped in. She expected her secret bodyguard to step in and save her, but of course, that didn’t happen.

As viewers know, it’s a presumed-dead Nikolas Cassadine who told Charlotte that he’s her bodyguard. However, he was busy at Ava Jerome’s gallery watching the auction for Helena Cassadine’s portrait, so he wasn’t anywhere near Charlotte as she jumped into the water.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday detail that Valentin will gloat at the gallery, seemingly amused by Laura winning the portrait and it immediately being destroyed by a small fire.

While Valentin wanted the portrait for himself, now believing that the portrait’s connection to Mikkos’ codicil has been destroyed will likely be good enough in his mind. Soon, however, he will get a phone call that abruptly changes his mood.

The phone call that Valentin receives will surely be about this incident with Charlotte, as General Hospital spoilers detail that it’s about a loved one in crisis. There is nobody Valentin is more protective of than Charlotte and this call will be the catalyst for things rapidly unraveling for him.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lulu will feel helpless during Tuesday’s show. Unfortunately, it seems clear that this feeling comes from Charlotte’s jump into the water.

The sneak peek for the next episode shows that Dustin and Lulu will quickly find out about Charlotte’s leap off the dock. Dustin will hurriedly tell Lulu to call 911 as he strips off his jacket to jump in after the little girl.

Will Dustin be fast enough to get Charlotte out of the water before anything bad happens? General Hospital spoilers seem to hint that the little girl will suffer some ill effects of this move, given the teasers that Valentin and Lulu will both be quite stressed this week.

Could this incident bring the truth about Nikolas out into the open? Laura already mentioned the secret bodyguard to Valentin, who of course knew nothing about it. Laura will pursue the idea that this is an imaginary friend, but Valentin brushed off that possibility.

Once her parents can start asking her questions, it seems likely that Charlotte will explain about talking to the man who says he’s her bodyguard. They will surely be confused and doubtful, but she’ll get their attention if she notes that she saw a photo of him on Lulu’s phone.

Valentin is already a little suspicious, but not so much that he has figured out that Nikolas is in town. Nina will surely be quite rattled when she learns of this situation with Charlotte and it’ll be interesting to see if it has any impact on her scheming against Valentin. Not only that, but Lulu will probably struggle with a lot of guilt over Charlotte running into trouble on her watch yet again.

Little else has been revealed regarding what comes next for Charlotte. A lot should be revealed during Tuesday’s show and General Hospital spoilers hint that it could be a game-changer for this Nikolas storyline.