Chuck E. Cheese Brawl Ends With Gunfire

Chuck E. Cheese Fight Ends With Gunfire

The latest Chuck E. Cheese brawl involved 18 people and ended with gunfire. At least one child’s birthday party was ruined when the Boynton Beach, Florida Chuck E. Cheese erupted into violence.

The problems reportedly started when two men got into a verbal argument in the restroom. The argument continued into the dining room where two different families were hosting birthday parties.

The argument got physical and eventually turned into a brawl that reportedly included close to 20 people. As reported by NY Daily News, the families were asked to leave but continued fighting in the parking lot.

Once removed from the parking lot, the fighting continued in the street until a man was shot. The alleged shooter fled the scene and is currently wanted by police.

Employees report that the Chuck E. Cheese brawl left them with a big mess and an unpaid bill of $300. Robert Thompson, Alfred Peoples, and Briana Walker were arrested on charges of “defrauding an innkeeper” for failing to pay the bill.

The three were also charged with possession of drugs after authorities reportedly observed someone tossing marijuana, crack, morphine, and prescription drugs out the car window.

Walker, who was hosting the birthday party for her son, was found to be in possession of Xanax and marijuana. Investigators also discovered empty vodka bottles in a diaper bag.

A Colorado man involved in a different Chuck E. Cheese brawl is soon to be executed for killing four people in 1993. As reported by the Denver Post, Nathan Dunlap hid in a Chuck E. Cheese restroom and emerged after the restaurant closed.


Dunlap proceeded to shoot and kill four employees working the night shift. He was eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

After many years, the US Supreme court denied to hear Nathan Dunlap’s most recent appeal. Dunlap would be the first prisoner executed in Colorado in over 15 years.

Unfortunately, the latest Chuck E. Cheese brawl took place while the restaurant was open filled with children. For at least one child, it will remain a birthday he will never forget.