‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday Tease That The Situation With Helena’s Portrait Causes A Stir

Sydney Mikayla and Maura West play Trina and Ava on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

Monday’s episode of General Hospital set the stage for an exciting week of shows, and spoilers hint that things are about to get even crazier. Much of the December 16 show focused on the auction at Ava Jerome’s gallery, and nobody could have predicted how this one ended.

As everybody saw during Monday’s show, Laura Spencer won the bidding war against Valentin Cassadine for Helena Cassadine’s portrait. Previous General Hospital spoilers had suggested that Valentin might win, as he would be gloating. That’s not how things went, but the reason for his attitude was quickly made clear.

Nina Reeves pulled Jasper Jax away from the bidding, telling him that he absolutely did not want to win this auction. She didn’t explain why, and initially, her insistence on this front didn’t necessarily make much sense. As the two were talking, a tray of food and drink was tipped on Valentin, preventing him from topping Laura’s bid.

As soon as Laura’s gutsy bid of $450,000 won, the portrait of Helena went up in flames. Nikolas Cassadine, who was hiding in a back room and thought he had a plan for getting the portrait for himself, freaked out as others watched in stunned silence.

However, viewers surely noticed that both Ava and Nina had slight knowing grins on their faces. The two are working together to destroy Valentin and Nik, so it looks like they engineered quite the show with this auction.

SheKnows Soaps notes that during Tuesday’s show, Ava will be unconcerned. That General Hospital spoiler would seem to sync with the idea that Ava and Nina orchestrated this fire and that probably means that the real portrait of Helena is hidden away somewhere else.

Ava and Nina know how desperate people are to get their hands on this portrait, and they know it’s considered quite valuable. It seems highly unlikely that they would destroy the original painting, and General Hospital spoilers tease that confirmation on this will come one way or another over the next couple of days.

While Valentin will surely be initially alarmed about losing the portrait, General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll be quite amused to see the painting seemingly destroyed right after he lost the bid. His enjoyment of this will be interrupted before long, though.

Soon, Ava will be seen lying in wait in some sense, apparently biding her time and feeling certain she has everything under control. She is literally playing with fire here, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she has a plan she’s sure will work.

Will anybody end up in grave danger as this risky plan moves forward and desperate people pull out all the stops to get what they want? General Hospital spoilers signal that things will get wild in the days ahead, and fans won’t want to miss what’s next.