Fitness Model Qimmah Russo Flaunts Her Curves In A White Bikini Top And Form-Fitting Romper

Qimmah Russo takes a selfie.
Qimmah Russo / Instagram

Fitness model Qimmah Russo was all smiles as she stepped outside in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, wearing a tiny white bikini top and a snug white romper.

Qimmah is celebrating her birthday in style as she left the country for the first time. In her photo caption, the model wrote that she got her first stamp on her passport for her birthday. Cabo San Lucas is a gorgeous tropical oasis and Qimmah looked like an island goddess in her photos.

The model showed off her busty chest in the first two of three photographs she posted Monday afternoon. Her white bikini top had an adorable halter strap with small buttons adorning its length. It didn’t do much to cover her breasts as her cleavage was intense and the curves of her chest were plenty visible. In her first picture, she beamed at the camera. In the second one, she offered an adorable kissy face.

For a swimsuit cover-up, Qimmah opted for a very tight-fitting white romper. She left the top of it unbuttoned so she could show off her gleaming, sun-kissed skin and her voluptuous upper curves. However, the third photo proved that Qimmah is bodacious all over.

In that third photo, the ravishing blonde stood facing the opposite direction, giving her 1.3 million followers ample opportunity to ogle her perky booty. The form-fitting material of her outfit made her rear look extra desirable. Qimmah coyly looked over her shoulder with a smirk, as if to say she knew just how jaw-droppingly beautiful she was.

While Qimmah opted to pass on jewelry, she was wearing a light layer of makeup, including mascara. She attributed her honey blond hair to the Monroe Salon.

In under an hour, Qimmah managed to get nearly 15,000 likes and 360 comments on her drop-dead gorgeous Instagram update. Her fans took to the comments section to drool over her newest upload.

Many of them couldn’t even come up with the right words to explain Qimmah’s beauty and instead opted for heart, flame, and praise-hand emoji. Most of her admirers also used the photo as an opportunity to wish the model a happy birthday.

“I’m calling 9-1-1 girl cause you on fire!!” commented one excited admirer.

A few days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Qimmah had posted a photo of herself wearing an even skimpier bathing suit. That photo showed her wearing a complicated one-piece composed primarily of dark teal strings. In those pictures, Qimmah exposed a lot more skin.