Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Chase Leans On Finn, Charlotte Puts Lulu In A Tight Spot

Michael Easton and Josh Swickard
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, December 16, reveal that there is a lot of action on the way. Viewers already know that many anxious Port Charles residents will gather at Ava Jerome’s gallery in hopes of scoring the portrait of Helena Cassadine in the auction. However, teasers note that there are also scenes coming up with other pairings that fans will not want to miss.

According to SheKnows Soaps, brothers Harrison Chase and Dr. Hamilton Finn will spend some time together. When Chase first arrived in Port Charles, Finn was pretty hostile and resistant to forging a bond with his brother.

However, the two have become closer in recent months and General Hospital spoilers detail that Chase will be confiding in Finn about something. Fans might guess that this will be about Willow Tait’s recent pregnancy scare. Could Chase be thinking about marriage and babies as a result of that recent discussion?

Granted, Finn wouldn’t necessarily be the best resource for advice on marriage or having children. Despite that, it sounds as if he’ll do his best to support Chase in whatever it is he needs to talk about.

The sneak peek for Monday’s episode shared via Twitter also showed that Lulu Spencer and Dustin Phillips will be spending some time together again.

"Are you going to have a sleepover with Dustin?" #GH

— General Hospital (@GeneralHospital) December 16, 2019

The romance between Lulu and Dustin is progressing well, but they are trying not to rush things. Despite that, they have faced some awkward moments in this new relationship and General Hospital spoilers share that they are about to have another one.

It looks like Lulu and Dustin will be at the Metro Court and have a chat with Lulu’s daughter Charlotte Cassadine. Charlotte will ask if Lulu and Dustin are going to have a sleepover and Lulu’s reaction suggests that she will be immediately uncomfortable with this question.

While Lulu and Dustin chat with Charlotte, General Hospital spoilers indicate that others connected to the young girl will be navigating difficulties elsewhere.

Over at Ava’s gallery, Charlotte’s father Valentin Cassadine will be determined to win the auction for Helena’s portrait. He’ll be battling against Jasper Jax and Laura Spencer, but General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll end up winning.

Valentin will be gloating, but he’ll also soon receive a phone call with concerning news. Laura will be worried about what Charlotte has said about a bodyguard nobody else has seen, and it sounds as if Valentin may be pulled into this situation too. Of course, it’s Nikolas who is watching Charlotte, but she doesn’t realize who he is yet and neither Valentin or Laura know he’s alive and in Port Charles.

Nikolas will be hovering around the corner at the gallery, coordinating with Jax, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina will be learning the truth about something. There’s action ahead on just about every front this week and Monday’s episode should kick it off with some major developments.