Donald Trump Supporters Storm Democrat Town Hall, Cause Chaos With Shouts Of ‘Treason’

Alex WongGetty Images

President Donald Trump supporters stormed a town hall being held by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Saturday. A group of anti-impeachment demonstrators created chaos when they entered the meeting shouting accusations of “treason” and calling Schiff a “liar.”

According to Mediaite, Schiff was holding a town hall in Glendale, California, that focused on the government’s newly-announced recognition of the Armenian Genocide. As Schiff opened the meeting and began to speak from the podium, Trump supporters created chaos in the meeting when they entered the event with signs that read “Don’t Impeach.”

Schiff was speaking about how the Armenian Genocide decision was important because it was a bipartisan move made by both sides of the aisle. Suddenly protesters began yelling “liar” before things began to devolve into chaos.

People who had come to attend the event attempted to ask the protesters to leave. However, the demonstrators refused and continued to shout at Schiff, saying things like “you will be going to jail for treason!” Another demonstrator said that Schiff was going to “hang” for his role in the impeachment hearings.

At one point, two people begin a tug-of-war on a piece of fabric that appears to be a flag bearing a pro-Trump 2020 message. The meeting came to a complete halt as both sides screamed at each other and a group loudly chanted “liar” over and over.

Attendees responded by shouting “out” at the raucous group as well as calling one particularly vocal demonstrator a “f*cking a**hole” as he was escorted out. At that point, several protesters began getting aggressive, with several people getting in a physical altercation.

At one point, a man off-camera can be heard yelling “stop, that’s my wife” as a woman screams “help.”

“Don’t touch my wife!” he yells repeatedly.

The protesters then began shouting purported conspiracy theories and called Schiff “a sick disgusting man” as they left the room.

The entire altercation was caught on video by several people inside the room as the meeting devolved into complete disorder as Schiff stood helpless at the podium.

Schiff has taken heat from Trump supporters for his role as the leader of the committee that formed the articles of impeachment against Trump, which were unveiled on Tuesday.

Trump himself has attacked Schiff, calling him “sick” and “deranged” and saying that he “lies.” His comments aimed at Schiff were seemingly in line with many others that he and his supporters have made about people involved in the impeachment inquiry.