'Brady Bunch' HGTV Christmas Reunion To Feature Very '70s Holiday Menu You Can Make At Home

The Brady Bunch siblings are bringing their own brand of holiday cheer to HGTV via some very '70s recipes. After renovating the house that was used for exterior shots for the 1970s TV sitcom, the former child stars will celebrate the season together with a special holiday dinner 50 years after shooting the Christmas episode on the original series. Now, fans are getting a sneak peek at the festivities before the HGTV special A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition airs on December 16.

The '70s-inspired dinner came with help from Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, according to People. Drummond worked with Brady Bunch alums Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, and Susan Olsen. The celebrities took turns cooking the Christmas meal in the kitchen that was recreated to look like the orange and avocado space featured on the ABC sitcom five decades ago.

Drummond told the outlet that Knight and McCormick, aka Peter and Marcia Brady, were the best of the bunch in the kitchen. The cast prepared "timeless comfort food classics" developed by Drummond herself that included a roast turkey rubbed with French onion soup mix, cheesy fondue mashed potatoes, and a classic Jell-O mold.

In an interview posted by The Boston Herald, Knight admitted that making the mashed potatoes gave him a bit of a workout. The Brady Bunch star revealed the whipping duties for the mashed potatoes alone was a two-person job.

"(It) was the cheesy potato, a mashed potato with cheese that seemed that it would take forever," he said. "Because of the time necessary in stirring the potato and cheese mixture to the consistency that it was served at wasn't something that I sat through. It was handed off to somebody else to finish … but I gave it a pretty good 10 minute whisking and it still had a ways to go. But it was sublime. I mean, the texture of it was like satin. It was wonderful."

A photo gallery on the HGTV website shows some Brady Bunch cast members posing with the red-and-green fruit salad sculpted in a Jell-O mold as well as holiday-themed deviled eggs and cherry tomato-cucumber Santas for appetizers.

Drummond took to Instagram to gush about working with the cast of the childhood favorite show to create "vintage holiday cheer."

Designer Jasmine Roth (Hidden Potential) also joined in to help the Brady cast create Christmas decorations for the renovated Studio City, California, home, including Nutcracker shutters.

A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition airs Monday, December 16 at 10 p.m.