December 17, 2019
Jessica Simpson Shows What The Christmas Season Does To Her In Hilarious New Photo

Jessica Simpson is showing fans just how crazy things get for her at Christmastime. Hours after posting a gorgeous family photo with her husband, Eric Johnson, and two of their kids, Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute, following a holiday concert at their school, Jessica showed her fans what else happened to her that day.

In a new photo posted to Instagram, Jessica is tangled up in her seat belt as she tries to get out of the family car. The 39-year-old mom of three hams it up for the camera, with her hands thrown up as she expresses frustration at her dilemma. While standing outside of the car, she still has her seat belt wrapped around her waist after forgetting to unbuckle it.

Jessica is wearing sunglasses, large hoop earrings, a green fur-trimmed sweater, and black pants as she jokes about her predicament in the caption of the photo by noting that this is what the Christmas season does to a busy mom.

It's no surprise that Jessica's Instagram followers hit the comments section of her post to reveal that they can relate to her problem.

"I definitely feel like this describes my life right now lol," one fan wrote.

"See, I'm not the only one," another added.

"Where is the garland and Christmas lights around your arms and legs?" a third fan joked.

"Lollll! It's so impressive how funny you are considering how gorgeous you are!!" another wrote to Jessica.

While Jessica is one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood, she loves to get real with her fans by showing the not-so-glamorous side of her life. In the past, the Dukes of Hazzard alum has shared photos of her bronchitis battle, a flu virus that roared through her house, and even a pregnancy-related pic after she broke a toilet.

And this isn't even the first time this year she's had a car dilemma, either. As some fans may recall, earlier this year when Jessica was still pregnant with her third child, Birdie Mae, she posted a photo that showed her "stuck" between two parked cars due to her bulging baby belly.

In February, a heavily pregnant Jessica shared a photo of herself squeezing between the two cars with the caption 'Tight squeeze but I'm pushin' through," Daily Mail shared at the time.

Ten months later, the singer and designer is still showing fans her funny side as she pokes fun at her latest car-related mishap while still maintaining her cool.